religion tm, flag tm

oh cicero,
how it is forgotten
the root of religion,
yet again and suffered
through addictions

to its pungent leaves,
preserving them,
stuffing them, and
mocking them

within boxes labeled
Religion TM.

to be bought,
packaged, and
sold for profit
either for or

rather than
honored, and
given in prophet
either and or

again… to read…1
again… to reason…
again… to count…

and again…
against a wheel,
arriving at control.2

life <is|but> a dream.

his head,
having been severed,
from ‘and’ by ‘but’,
an again, unforgiven,
no more interacting,
now only interacted
with the world.

this is their living,
in this context built,
assembled, and chosen –

do not,
their hands.3

at your grave i stand
in honor, these words
here assembled.

history having been repeated
in the form of Flag TM –
rather than flag.
united in tight fabric:

a field, super-positioned
valor by way of hardiness
purity by way of innocence
in the present, and ever
vigilant by way of perseverance

this is divine justice,
a fluid field of these
united —
not static; dynamic,
as evidenced by the
stars and bars unfurled
by and with the wind.

a renaissance,
in solemn glory

this is the flag,
and it a banner;
form and function
of a state [ of living ]
free from oppression,
a distillation of
the instruction.

a flag without
a nation,
picked up by

at your grave i stand
in honor, these forms
here assembled.

heaven and earth,
form and function;
have become one
with emptiness.


[1] the warp shed; precession tilts the tesseract on its side, enter through exchange.
1 etymology of ‘religion’
2 etymology of ‘control’
3 五月女貢 professed in close instruction