it cannot be stolen; it cannot be given

for sgfh; “all these words are yours”1

this is where the universe is creating.
this is where the universe is dying.

where is the universe in this taste?
where is the planet in this room?

just pressure,
type type,
clack clack,
phat phat phat.

without a doubt.9

“attempt no landing here”2

“connect yourself to the earth”
what is connect?
what is earth?
work in from both sides.
this is what it means to be man.
work in, let go, work in, let go.
phat – phat.

“all is quiet in the valley”3

some secrets the gods should not be given,
secrets not kept, secrets guarded, it is not mine
to give; do not break their hands, the master speaks –

i do not rely on samsara and nibbana anymore,
there is enduring frame,
there is enduring function,
there is [ redacted ],
there is dx to [ redacted ]
there is a technological implementation of [ redacted+1…n ]

to shed, to shed.
not even this.
gone beyond,
even shedding.
living. dying.
have become one

in every word,
every single word,
phat phat phat.


latent ashes
of the barn burned down,
tossed in the wind.

gone beyond three worlds.

“the moment of your death is already occurred and we are seeing the ashes of it?”

you’ll know, when they say it.
emanations. emanations.
cinders still hot,
in the air.
mara –

“great men from unhealthy ground”4
samsara and nibbana superpositioned
it cannot be stolen,
the ashes are copied,
the real thing is not for sale.

“are there more that can do what you do?”
“why are you here?”
lotus blooms…
lotus leaves.8

“can i absorb this information?”
breathing in, breathing out.

“do you think i’m a demon?”

“current meets the tide”5

“am i a demon manji?”


“it is my will”
“and my own power”
“thank you”

“then i hope you like the desert”6

“shifting sands wreck ships”7

1..7 tracks from In The Days of Jupiter; Lights Out Asia
8 a poison thorn! Chih Men, Blue Cliff Record, Case 21