appendix removal

for Tina…

Appendix Removal

There I was, standing upright,
on the shelf full of might.
Then one day, late one night,
a little bug decided to bite.

To the rear, it chewed!
And sent chills up my spine.
The next morning she came –
Looking inside with great fright.

She cried —
Oh dear I thought, not mine!
I’ll never know who she was,
for her name was in IX.

Out they came I – XXIX,
no longer needed on this great bind.

She sewed me back up,
less pages to be tightened.
yet I remember, quite well,
the memories that fell.

The memories of you,
who taught me about time.

This little poem,
stands on its own —
its words are quite simple,
and no longer rhyme.

Here they come,
now it ends sooner,
and just as abrupt:
“Please get well.”

Appendix Removed