notes on tomography 1


[ the gantry moves ]


[[ “don’t give them too much” – MS ]]
[[ “a little bit hungry” – MS ]]
[[ “yes, sensei.” ]]

[[ just passing through [flatland] ]]
[[ just this, is tomography ]]
[[ do you understand what i’m trying to tell you? ]]
[ right here ]
the binary star moves,3
“you will be found out.4
it can’t be stolen.5
more impact.6

[ invited ]
as you

inverse tomography

[1] shot noise, if it was noise, it couldn’t have been shot, because all measurement requires something tuned to resonate along with; there is no noise in the universe. the four noble truths [will]hold[ed] true; “it’s insane”.
[2] see doppler shift; not quite a black hole. “innovate” – MS. thoughts floating away like smoke on the bre<athe|eze>.

3 [ redacted ]; The kami construct the most valuable <shot|noise>[1].
[ redacted ]
5 see “it can’t be stolen
6 The Great Mechanic Engineer <beseeches|demands>. Uncertainty.
7 Princess Bride; Izanagi, Izunami; not perceived…to be, perceived…not to be; the catalyst.