joe; in memoriam

i remember when she came home,
my mother — with news of the man she met.
decorated with glint and spring.
“he’s a simple man,
and i love ’em.”

“Do you like steak?”
“Have you had their steak?”
He would ask, enjoying the little things,
or the big ones — and he would repair small engines.

He did favors for neighbors, no matter how big or tall,
he looked out for locality. He was a charmer, and was supportive
of my mother and loved our family. His strong character was revealing of
a tender, young heart. He loved to ride!

Love your neighbors. Do not skip them,
in favor of others. Joe knew, and I hope
in some small way, you do too.

“Roy, promise me you’ll ride one for me,
as I ride off into the sunset on mine.”
“This is it…”

Yes Joe,
this is,

And with wings,
ye shall fly.

each and every
moment, of
each and every

Thank you.