snap to center

… in one espresso and slice.
though maybe two, because,
it’s the best, I can attest.

then came the many, and
then the ten thousand things,
two thens make many thens.

and square then, circle then,
right back to the beginning,
of no then, between,
triangle, triangle then and
now, POW!

snap to center,
without harm.

i vow to liberate
all sentient beings.
and then, but then,
and then and but then,
neither and then nor but then,
far beyond perverted views,
such as these…

one swells in nibbana,
with the faintest whisper,
born again, and again,
until all beings are

this is how this is done,
i am thus connected,
to the divine,
and earth.

Beyond is, beyond not,
beyond is and beyond not,
neither beyond is nor beyond not,
can you comprehend it?

<it ends|it begins>

there is a faster way to do multiplication,
these techniques have different routes,
the result is the same, or is it?

to open the warp shed,
this is your mission.

and set upon the gimbals of virtue,
we traverse the warp with the weft,
across flatland we travel, it will appear
like magic, how do you do that?

it is no <quo|co> incidence,
we operate on valences of time,
harmonics of waves, where the functions,
are varied. how does one merge equations?
it’s quite amazing, and will be magical.

yet we revolve around a singularity,
no more events. tipped, rushing toward,
emptiness. our language will be short,
like pulses, from a rotating center,
you cannot holdon to, because
we hold onto the mountain
of spacetime, the
the bas<e|s>-
line of operation.
back up again… we go… into…
a tilt, the words are not here, doesn’t mean
writer’s block. fall!
the waves!

gone to the other side.