on the charnal grounds of civil war

Homage to the masters of the three worlds.


Civil War always arises in the present, flanked by the lieutenants of past and future. It will manifest atemporally, and aspatially, it will arise simultaneously[1].


At first it will be as if a breeze in the mind, its manifestations will be a faint whisper of malcontent imbued with ignorance of the n-positionality of emptiness and form. It will arise with the ignorance of <self|other>, it will then progress to thoughts.

In thought, numerous conceptions founded upon the prevailing context of metabolic efficiency. Elaborations start billowing from the fire, and these cloud the clarity of mind. Divisions, once clear, shadow possibility. These divisions are the seeds of schism, following the carving up of beings into herds, and their polarities. Even here, however is liberation, for those that can see it for what it really is.

The words then form, the clouds mix with contexts of pressure changes, like rain wrung from cloud. Rain drops, imbued with ignorance, like tea. The words amplify, those with attachment to self, and other grasp, and cling, the words like the soft comfortable backing of velcro, of which snags the hard jagged edges of hate, joined in ignorance. Like a monkey’s paw stuck to pitch. Here, like thought, one who can penetrate this reality, too is liberated.

Lastly, like a fine medicine, tea, salve, tincture, the words, the mere sterotypification behind them, movements manifest. Valences of thought, word… have received enough energy to manifest deed from seed. Like photons received, elevating electrons to a higher orbit[2], carrying for a moment more energy[3], capable of higher torque, more capacity for work, higher potential, more volts.

Now, comes condition, the context upon which the pool of potentiality crosses the rivers of samsara, able to sink energy between the narrow bridge that allows it with the least resistance. In ignorance, deeds <will|]continue[|d> the cycle; in wisdom, deeds <will|]stop[|ped> the cycle. It is here where violence manifests, and it is here that social ills, harm the world and each other.

there is a war going on, and
though its movements are
like thunder far above…

far below,
the mitochondria, safe
within walls,
within walls,
within walls,
and then some.

in the world that they arrived in –
producing energy that
allows this being,

Like the mitochondria, humanity, producing information, connecting information, this information has an energy. It is the kata of which energy, expressed through it, is biased, much like a semiconductor, or measurement in a qubit. It <will|]bias[|ed> toward the beautiful, good, bad, and ugly. Yet here, much like aforementioned, to the mind, penetrating the moment, here in tada-ima, within this valenced Hilbert Space configuration, the function of bias is uprooted, and a purity of awareness remains. A purity later quantized, stereotyped, followed, adhered to, reasoned, justified, marketed, packaged, and sold as ‘new’, for the satisfaction of a hunger, a deep drive, toward happiness unattainable.

A civil war is beyond brewing, it is here and now, it is the struggle to be free from enslavement, to information itself. To be free of a <future|]quarter[|ed> vehicle of an unwelcome bias within one’s residence4. It is the struggle to be free of the yoke of another’s, our own’s… reinforcement of <another|other|their> view upon <a|our|my> view. It is the struggle to be free of the yoke of ignorance. It is within ignorance that this war manifests, yet at the liminal edges of this war superpositioned with peace, is wisdom. This is the heritage of warriors ancient, to the rarity of the fully manifest tulku.

Look no further than the vibrant3, the full of energy, bursting and teeming with life, turned outwardly, turned inwardly, beyond directionality; to see the manifestation of the spirit, as individuals, as neighbors, as communities of state, nation, and world. Should you find violence, surely ignorance reigns; should you find gluttony, surely ignorance reigns. It is beyond these, where wisdom reigns, at the bottom of a barrel, the roots of a tree, the dynamo of the electric grid, and the gimbals of a warp drive.

The only solution, the only way to true peace is in unity, and here in this place, fully realize that even here, there is ignorance, and that to be liberated includes liberation from peace itself. To grasp not even this any more. Beyond this, grasping to the three worlds ceases, atemporally and aspatially.

Yes America1, there is a Civil War2.

It’s time to lay down the arms of Press and its operators of Marketing and Public Relations used in aggression, for truly the pen is mightier than the sword. A Press, in ignorance, weaponized to establish, rationalize, enforce, and maintain herds, that has forgotten that it was invented to help others out of bondage, not bind them within it.

Be kind to your neighbors, and they, to them.

Civility is beyond herd, it is intra-individual, and when wisdom blossoms, goes beyond even this, with the potential for limitless wisdom, knowledge, understanding, compassion, love, and kindness. To finally arrive at great joy, and sharing the rain of wisdom, to offer the true medicine for liberation.

I hope this helps, may it bring benefit to all lifeforms.


.pngsamsara IS the terma.

like a precious seed,
preparing for freedom,
liberating itself from bondage,
having liberated itself from the pod,
destined for rebirth,

yet born with the wisdom –
that this too is not self,
far beyond perverted views,
one dwells in nibbana.

正勝吾勝 勝速日



[1] Like plum blossoms in bloom.
[2] Chop wood.
[3] Carry water.
1 Interchangeable indicator for herdn [Hn].
2 Interchangeable indicator for non-commutative stereotypen interchange dependent on resource limitation. Spirit is growing slower than consumption.
3 Interchangeable indicator for being with high potential and current flow in context.
4 Interchangeable indicator for locale, that is entropy exchange distance distribution of a being.