we took an oath…

We took an oath to support and defend a charter between [ [ valences {] interleaved operations } state machines… ] states [ of being ], that all [ <anatta| <[not:the [ <who|{ <what|are> }|you>? ] mirror]self|not> |shunyata> doing here2 ]1 beings are created equal. And though the flows of an isomorphic public opinion may miss the mark, we do not defend each other, nor this nation, nor this land, nor you, nor i, nor my family. We took an oath to support and defend the very charter that formed out of the intent “we agree to hold these truths self evident…”.

Our opinion is affirmed by the Declaration of Independence, and it is our firm resolve to a unity [ unbound in preference to herd ] in its defense, and all attributional elements of its creation, that we are all created equal. And it is this, this very essence of our firm faith to our neighbors, in this room, that we set out a constitution that details how our organism works. Yes. Organism, not herd. For an organism doesn’t defend the herd, an organism defends the herd’s being. This is what makes this enlightened governance. Why? Because the Declaration of Independence is our firm opinion, it is the spirit of independence that is the spirit of our being.

We are born with mouths and intelligence to speak to represent ourselves, we are born with hands and intelligence to write and invent a press to replicate our writings to represent ourselves, we are born with hands and intelligence to defend our mouths and hands which represent our selves.

We took an oath to support and defend a contract between the smallest units of the classes, in any shape and form, whether it be the strata of wealth, strata of class, strata of intellect, strata of religion… the concept of strata itself, the units of herds in any valence. We took an oath to support and defend a contract between… individuals.

This is our nation, a nation of neighbors, the ones standing nearest to you, each and every day, each and every moment, and [ in those times [ all your life, you’ve been waiting for tonight2 ] all neighbors next to you ] we took an oath to live here… every day. Not to stand with someone thousands of miles away in herds spread far or near, but to stand with our neighbors, and they with theirs.

This is what America means to me; the land of the free, and the home of the brave. America is a state-<less|full> being, it transcends the idea of land and owner; this is the America I was born into, and the Constitution that it defends. So on this Memorial Day, and for many, Evening…

I didn’t fight for you, nor your freedom to cook BBQ, nor the President, nor a Political Agenda. Nor the many countless businesses with their high tech presses that anyone has the right to use. I fought for an idea… of liberty and justice… for all.

To go beyond herds, is what it means to be an American.

1 Bracket Notation requires MDL; see Multi-Dimensional Linguistics
2 Enigma, Sadeness Part II, The Fall of a Rebel Angel
[redacted] Mitochondria is expressing its being