an electoral college as voice of the earth

This is what we have to work with, in the present, only now. What are we going to do with it?

The Electoral College, functionally, it is now thought, is an earlier version of Social Security and Medicare, and just like those, it can be used for bad or good, however functionally it has the opportunity to serve a noble purpose. It is progressive not in political reason, but progressive in moving on toward a more perfect future.

Proposed Mission Statements

  • Social Security
    Take care of the ones who came before.1
  • Medicare
    Take care of the sick and vulnerable.2
  • Electoral College
    Take care of the ones who tend the earth.3

These are not farmers alone, but all people who treasure the earth, care for it, love it, protect it, provide homes for wildlife, those who do not develop it, those who preserve the trees, and those that live peacefully in its preserves. Those who have homes with sweeping lands, those who have campgrounds. Those in the forest with bed and breakfast. Those alone writing and reading, sharing the forest with their children and their friends families. They are the voice of the earth. Empower them, and remind them.

The Electoral College might just be the last bit of wisdom that saves us from our relentless persuit to build… build… build… our way into oblivion, by being the last weapon in earth’s arsenal to give a voice to the people who by nature, value space and the earth below it.

This is our mission as a people, armed with the wisdom of liberty and justice for all, on our way to a more perfect union between all beings on this planet and the future ones to come.

It’s time for dialog, how do we help you preserve the land, and thereby provide for you and yours to do the same into that great distant future… to save this place from our destruction. The lungs of the earth indeed.

This is their voice… of the earth, that silent majority, forgotten and unrepresented. This is the voice of those closest to it, not just in data, but mind, body, and spirit. Put the voice in the hands of the people that actually touch it, just as doctors represent medicine, just as bankers represent finance, just as science and math represent tech…. we forgot not our past, but the valences that support all of this… and the root? Ignorance.

We can do this.

It can be done.

What can we do to help the land, by helping those who command it? That is why this system was setup, not so that the many cannot trample the few, but so that the brain does not trample the body.

“And trees are swaying like they do…”4
“Their rustle is like laughter at how I can’t find what I am after…”4

1 Related to the concept of veneration for sen-sei (one who went before).
2 From the mission and leadership at Providence St. Joseph Health
3 “… and the meek shall inherit the earth…” – Jesus Christ
4 Philippe Bronchtein, Home Again