Abstract Nation, Tribe, and Herd

正勝吾勝 勝速日

Abstract nation, tribe, herd, and stereotype: neural networks learn behaviors attenuated by the gyrified folds of grey matter therein. Anger, hate, fear, greed, jealousy, and avarice know not borders of nation, tribe, herd, and stereotype… yet attribution of these faults to these abstractions is done naturally for metabolic efficiency… as it consumes less energy to call a life form man, a woman, a people, a tribe, a nation… a race… categories of beings without further inter-est expressed.

And thus the reality, the truth of the emotions gets swept under the blanket of neural efficiencies, for the want of food, of shelter, of water, of space and time is more immediate. As this is so, the passing of trees, peoples, lands, faces, colors, is blurred no different than passing lines on a highway, and these blurs suffer the reality of stereotype for efficient navigation.

heart-history-writingOnly when a neural network, a being realizes that they are merely “paying forward” the habits seen, experienced, conditioned, suffered, adopted, resisted, and considered, does one have the ability to say, “no more”, “not on my watch”, “stop this aggression”. And so with great heart I tell you, and share this: life forms for billions of years due to misattribution, not realizing the ripples of comings and goings and the causes of these… grasp identities, dividing beings into this vs. that. An olive branch in one claw, a bundle of arrows in the other, for one is to heal the heart, and the other to destroy ignorance. Not of each other, but of ourselves. There is great wisdom here among a sea of ignorance, do not destroy it for lack of insight, lest history itself repeat itself in favor of this vs. that out of personal preferences for beauties and personal walls against uglies.

A great travesty in the loss of great peoples, a great travesty in the suffering of man for want of resources, a great travesty of life loosing cultures, knowledge, arts, histories, and connectivity. This competitive spirit must be put to rest, there is a way to peace, and requires each individual to do that, and until we really all truly dig in, dive in, and give each other space and time for that, and claim it, and restore it, and defend it, and not squander it, and realize in that space and time…

We are beyond family, we are life itself, and it is a transforming force, and in that transformation we are born, we destroy, we create, we change, and we die. And honoring that, we might come a little closer to peace with each other, for the misdeeds of those aforementioned ignorances expressed consume out of natural preference to spend a little less energy through herds by labeling them for navigation rather than creation. Ending here is where the real truth of the matter, definitely rests: we are not this. And the wisdom of ten thousand sages, and the universe itself is written, and lost to sands of time, because this is how this works: know thyself and in this knowing, shall peace be found.

Narrow the gap…

This peace? It is found in interest, which means quite originally, in etymology, “between to be”, and that potential between is a peace between people, between emotions, between senses, in a continual search of greater resolution between beings, rather than less. Only here, is peace truly found, and beyond the resolution of emotions, no stereotype will fit, and it takes great effort, more than clicking and typing right here.

Can the oppressed see the pay it forward behavior of the oppressor? Can the oppressor see the pay it forward behavior in themselves? Can we as a people overcome this natural tendency? Can we as a people give each other space, and time, to realize these truths?

There is nothing more destructive than self-view and this implies self-view of other.

Just love. No preference. Avoid Picking and Choosing.