from heaven, a poem

One can always emerge
in the future and look back,
and say the past was looking
for meaning. the truth of the ma-
ter is that meaning is dislodged in
the crossing of space and time, and
perspectives of form and function. the
veil of seeking, is itself meaning, and the
mistaken attribution that man was searching
for meaning, is the misunderstanding that seek-
ing is meaning-less. like a hand in the dark envelop-
ing and dancing on the surface to discover the forms and
functions of this thing we call life, that others call samsara. it
may take decades, it may take lifetimes, yet, not but, we
are patient, not in expectation, nor in the need to teach
others. meaning is created, and it takes not time nor
space to realize the truth, that all things were, are,
and have been created equal. peace, true peace
is in realization of realization. the emanation
of the foundation, the firmament, earth,
and all life and death itself lies right
here, right now. you cannot know
the truth with quantization. for
the truth will not echo, it will
not vibrate, it will not live
nor will it die, for the
truth is beyond the
here and now. it
is just this, and
it is just, it is
good, it is
it is
hello little
cuttlefish, how
you and the octopus,
and the squid know your prey,
and envelop it, and reflect it, and respect it.
my god, it really is full of stars,
isn’t it blissful? muscle
memory response
down here
in jhana
from perverted
views one dwells in nibbana,
for a man would come, a messiah, and
will lead them out of misery. you see, it’s all awash
in antiquity, in the presence, in hopes and dreams. meaning
is cleaning. it was the order that mattered, it was
the duration of words, interleaved and
combining; be careful what you
wish for, you just might
get it, the schizoid
and the turtle,
down here
on the
of takamaga
hara; it was simple
it always has been, know thyself.
the waves of bliss require no dependence,
it is already here if one is open to it. this is the dance,
life and death, water falling, oceans descending
tilted meaning, proteins folding, mathem-
atics emerging, nations colliding,
herds coming, herds going,
did I tell you where I
came from? oh it
was simple.

– gassho –