Entering the Narrow Gate[s]

the middle,
is reserved for
the kami; receive,
do not take, this is the
way, the path, the light.
just off axis, no more
than three percent,
no less, just here
and now, be-
side the
dust it
off, leave it
better than you
found it, the forest
will make room; honor
the word, the first word, in
silence is invalid, for within is
reliance on form; silence is super-
positioned with form, real silence, is
beyond. beyond it, not it, both it and not
it, neither it nor not it. far beyond all four c-
conjectures; conventional, differentiated, ignor-
ant of the truth that all dhamma is empty, empty of
intrinsicness, the ocean of wisdom, the arrow pointing
to the moon, the great seal, mahamudra; the boatman, the
king, the shepherd are exactly the warrior, the assassin, and
the poorest of poor. this is samsara superpositioned with
nibbana. do not climb the mountains of status, nor the
mountains of greed, nor hate. the three offspring of
mara are very clever, even this song is of sams-
ara. it is subject to collecting out of attach-
ment, it is subject to rejection out of av-
ersion. do not be so surprised, this is
how this works. For the path, may
be smooth, yet smoothness is
not self, and to raise the
banner of self/other
is to obscure the
wisdom of the
decent is
more difficult
down here
with the
the complexity
of grief, lamentation,
sickness, old age, and death.
gone beyond; smoke, the story of
the rest of this turning, the gear teeth
are lost, spinning freely, the gimbals of bala
are all that remain; an ever… increasing… ever… growing…
do not
this is
what was
what will be,
on that wavefunction
of space and time, the mandala
sweeps clean, not even the broom and
floor remain. it’s not as if we didn’t tell you
this is all family; bodhicitta, mere perspectives
of kata; gifts, that’s right, out of love and compassion
for neighbors. an enigma said, “let the rythm be your guide”,
to listen without attachment, to taste without attach-
ment, to feel without attachment, to see without
attachment, to smell without attachment,
to listen without aversion, to taste
without aversion, to feel with-
out aversion, to see with-
out aversion, to smell
without aversion,
not self.
levels of develop-
ment; the bindings are
undone, “why are
you pushing
a rock
that others know,
that they themselves can do it.
accessibility is not relatability,
climbing the mountain, a chal-
lenge for all, yet there are short
cuts on this hill, only visible
when the lightning strikes, and
the path will remain invisible
in between. the arrow hits its