a poem to katrin amunts


it is mentioned the analogy of the earth… and mapping… it is seen… the earth’s distances on that map, the map’s primary dimension is spatial relativity (more here… off subject of main concern though).

The nervous system, and life’s primary dimension is temporal relativity. A functional species’ intelligence is proportional to its ability to flatten the temporal distance between neural structures, you will not see the brain for what it really is.

[ cities\societies will reflect the understanding of this flattening process. ]


A temporal diffraction grating,
where the hallways are
attenuating, and the
dendritic spines
oh yes, poly-

Welcome to Schrödinger’s Hall,
the n-slit experiment of
all time, and it is
not static.

Now it is asked,
what guides
the poly-

As light is released,
so is the dark, and where
there is light, there is growth
and where there is dark, there is
decay. Living on the spectrum of tem-
porality, the angles of the prisms are fold-
ed, sending signals in different directions, is
this it? try this. how about that? “blind person
can reading book.” all of life seen through the
lense of space and time, thus is our family
do not replace them, innovate and share
in the bounty of life, for it is they that
built all of this together, the credit
belongs to the world super-
positioned with empty-
ness. and there you
have it, quantiz-
ation and a

be careful
what is measured
it most often comes true.
be kind to your neighbors
and they to them.

Gone beyond,
far beyond,