the must awaken

[23:47] <manji> dhamma goes beyond philosophy
[23:47] <Aaron> ofc
[23:48] <Aaron> I am just assoiciating
[23:48] <manji> perception’s function is association generation…
[23:48] <manji> tossing out concepts.
[23:48] <manji> concepts is an interchangable indicator for meaning.
[23:48] <manji> thoughts…words… deeeds
[23:49] <manji> perception is not self
[23:49] <Aaron> it has the same ideal
[23:49] <Aaron> ofc.
[23:49] <Aaron> one could argue it is in the actionless action that occurs the blessed aim of a fools arm
[23:49] <manji> perception is empty. and right there…
[23:50] <Aaron> not even a smile ?
[23:50] <Aaron> haha
[23:50] <manji> no
[23:50] <Aaron> buddha came to realize one thing when the one Cycle came through
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[23:50] <Aaron> Joy is the energy that would change the world
[23:51] <manji> and joy is flow
[23:51] <manji> first bhumi
[23:51] <manji> there are
[23:51] <manji> nine more
[23:51] <Aaron> i relate it to the 9 layers of the body
[23:51] <Aaron> once attained…
[23:52] <Aaron> you can go to the 10thlayer
[23:52] <manji> rain of wisdom
[23:52] <Aaron> if you are the one you may enter the 12thgate
[23:52] <Aaron> but only then…
[23:52] <Aaron> not easy to attain to a normal individual
[23:53] <manji> “you will be found out”
[23:53] <Aaron> what is there to find
[23:53] <manji> true victory is
[23:53] <manji> self victory
[23:53] <manji> anatta
[23:54] <manji> “all that heaven allows”
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[23:56] <Aaron> thank you
[23:56] <Aaron> you are always more then i could ask
[23:56] <Aaron> a True friend
[23:56] <Aaron> I am most Gratitudious
[23:56] <Aaron> and the knowledge you have attained is beyond me
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[23:58] <manji> “thus having gone”
[23:58] <manji> even the name was for the benefit of others, for the name
[23:58] <manji> pointed to not-self of other.
[23:58] <manji> ten thousand bows
[23:58] <manji> would not be
[23:58] <manji> enough.
[23:59] * manji bows.
[23:59] * Aaron bows