on the pursuit of interchangeable indicators

interchangeable indicators are welcome signs during realization, these offer hints as to a basic [field] process. the indicators come in many forms and reveal many different principles and processes. however, indicators themselves are a double edged sword, for when the indicator is saturated, and its meaning so clear that it is assembling with other meanings, abstract indicator, then it can be a strong attachment that comes about during teaching and profession.

the pursuit of yet more interchangeable indicators, pointing toward the super-positioning of wisdom and method in favor of wisdom defeating atta misses the mark. it no more different than coming up with more signs with which litters direct awareness of phenomena. all it does is obscure vision of the <journey|destination>.

in a realm of attachment and aversion, with little room for reflection and the space for renunciation, powerful interchangeable indicators will be no different than gems obscured by mud. the meaning will be trite, as the indicator will not be able to garner resonance with the audience far too steeped in worldly affairs.

meaningful signage, in the language of the audience, with room for this very audience to investigate, to practice investigation, which is at the heart of mastery, is minimal yet without attachment to minimalism, which is dangerous just the same.

so what is meaninful signage? what is that meaningful kofu an toku, the edict that assists in the illumination of the present, pas<sing|t>? just this. be a lamp unto yourself. it will not garner fanfare, just as efficient technique, looks unflashy and fake. it will not be interesting to attachment, nor repulsive to aversion, nor possessing essential qualities interesting to ignorance. it will be compelling to renunciation, and it will be a reminder to the zeal to conquer ignorance. it will be the standard, the encouragement, the aspiration, accomplished, of wisdom and method.

may all beings find swift victory