the fire triangle and growth

In Chinese Five Element Theory, the wood element is responsible for <anger|growth>. Impatience is an interesting aspect of growth in that it, in kanji may be represented by 焦. This quite literally means, to scorch, of which one would and could thing fire, however remember fire is a phenomena whereas <heat|fuel|oxidation> sustains the phenomena of a fire, which is a river of many currents of this same “triangle”.

Just as a wood stove may be overfired, so too can the five skhandas.

Just as coals when gathered together provide greater heat density to which air and fuel can intensify, so to does the heaps when the fuel of ignorant or wise views come together.

Beware overproducing interchangeable indicators; concepts, like wood, when shoveled in the stove with great abundance may damage the stove, overfired. The warped interior leads to an inability to finely adjust air, which, with wood and heat is necessary for the flame. For mindfulness, like a catalyst, further increases the efficiency of the stove, whereby realization is produced which feeds back into the stove.

more to come


Awareness’ resolution cannot be forced to increase or decrease, it arises out of a cleansing process. That is, the lens is cleared of obscurations. This clearing process, arises no different than faith, that is the faith that removing the impurities will allow more light to traverse the lens to see what is going on.