meditate facing conflict

As the water purifying gem
removes contamination…

Meditate in the midst of conflict — when self-view results in frustration, anger or fear and self-view keeps being cultivated, and then realization that there is a sea of intention, meeting up with conditions, and giving rise to results of intention… then when there is a renunciation of this very fact, then… there is compelling meditation where unravelling the knots of ignorance happens…

“he did this to me…”,
“she did this to me…”,
“this was done to me…”,
“that was done to me”…

“they did this to we…”,
“this was done to we”,
dissolves into the
still sea of equanimity.

Frustration is not self.
Anger is not self.
Fear is not self.
Doing is not self.

There is no sameness,
fresh and new,
no wave,
is the same.

This world IS the yoga mat,
and what is the meaning,
of the sanskrit word for


The mat and the world are
united, where does the
mat end, where does the
world begin?

With little understanding is one who takes away the quiet places where children learn to walk, and the young learn to talk, and where the coming of age learn to act. Just so, the mat is where one stills, and having stilled, the mat becomes the floor of a hut, in a forest, where darkness falls, and snakes slither, and animals cross in unknown ways. Where meditation is cultivated in the face of tigers, lions, elephants, thunderstorms, and fires. Then having graduated, the hut, the cave is no more, then beneath a simple tree, the insects crawl up and down, not even a twitch at the landing of a mosquito or bee.

Then, and there is a noble practice.

And those who wish their employ to refrain from meditation for the sake of benefiting from anxiety in the production of art, this is a slaver of beings for the benefit of self over other, and the higher valence of we over they, bound in ignorance, bringing about a whole mass of suffering.

In the noble practitioner,
the meditator, the adherent,
free of self-view, free of we-view,
far beyond ignorance, having conquered,
afflictions – there is liberation, there is
freedom, there is thus having gone.