atanata protection

a song composed in appreciation to dhammadhasi sharing the atanata protection

homage to buddha,
homage to dhamma,
homage to sangha.

homage to generosity, and the sharing of dhamma, homage to the giving of this protection, homage to the helmet wearers of this world, homage to the protection of beings, and the captains of this protection.

for this atanata protection is a bodily protection, unreliant on kamma, it is by way of nekkhama, it is in accordance with the dhamma, it is in accordance with the sangha, it is in accordance with buddha. it is the fruit of the noble search, for as one searched, so too does the helmet wearer, as they search for peace and harmony in their land, so they search for peace and harmony in themselves, and in searching for this peace, they know a struggle, and knowing the struggle, taking it for self, they set kamma for the asuras, though having known the dhamma, having uptaken the dhamma they arrive at liberation.

this atanata protection is to be remembered, it is to be maintained, for it has lead to arrival in the houses of powerful aggressors, it has lead to protection in the house of leaders of the world, it has arrived, seated, in noble upright posture, adopting meditative absorption, and thus seated, captains of armies from around the world assembled, and sat, upright, and ardent, they guarded, and having guarded they watched, and having watched, they witnessed onslaught, and having witnessed, they reported, and having reported, they know.

the affairs of states is not a topic suitable for discussion, the affairs of armies, not so either, just this noble path, eightfold, right view is the forerunner, and even this view, passing, from view to viewless, is not self, it is not we, it is not i, for self-view is a canker, just as is the ten thousand impressions, and limitless awareness arises, even in the halls of that senate, and illuminated the world…

for the benefit of the ten thousand beings… in the eight directions, eighty thousand, limitless, and knowing the flanking, the activity of uniform striving, of uniform activity, of coordination, and distribution, the helmets flank, and cease suffering throughout the world.

through the lotus thread, this narrow gate of the senses, the escape from the cycle of death and rebirth.

oh noble disciples, of buddha, turn that wheel of the dhamma, for once it was lost, it is not forgotten, its echo heard like the crack of ten thousand generations cried out, suffering is near, and having been near, it is heard, and having heard it is seen, and having seen it is contacted, and having contacted, it is perceived, and having perceived it is known, and having known, it is conceived, and having conceived, it was described, “this too is not self”, this suffering, not adopted, not taken up, not attached to, not clung to, these words are mere droppings, these perceptions dropping, these ashes of the noble search, fall, like the petals of a lotus, reborn, for this flower is an offering, just as this body, and this body, as then, is as now, for the atana protection is serving.

all beings [will]peace[d],
all beings [will]happy[d].

knowing the three times, spread out, like a river, this river samsara, and stilled like a rock, suffering, no more.