Ignorance Potential is Proportional to Attribution Resistance

At greater accomplishments, the road to destruction lies in the lack of established referents claiming success, therefore it is of utmost importance to practitioners to unite practice with the realization of anatta, and the realization of shunyata. These will guard not the practitioner, but perception from the guiles of self-referential ignorance not having a pre-established form to hang success on, and ultimately we-referential ignorance not having pre-established cultures to hang success on.

It is wisdom alone that is queen, and it is great with compassion when me and we are out of the way.

It is love alone that is king, and it is great with kindness when me and we are out of the way.

And what of strategy you ask? What of all of this we have built? What of the safety and security of the hive, and the cities? And the organizations we have built?

Does one not realize that all of this ends in the vacuum of the local group? One clings to science to escape religion, yet one does not see the end. This IS the pith, there are two routes, either the fig is born or the fig-wasp‘s males dig through that pith, and let the queen find the way to the surface.

The bodhi tree IS the universal mandala for wisdom and method.

The tree IS the terma.

The formula is simple, Ohm’s Law.

The potential for ignorance is proportional to attribution resistance with reference to [static] realization flow.