Buffalo Grazes on the Planes

.pngIt is far from my place to offer judgement here, for that is in the realm of the immediate and the secret…

Befriend the jo, and this befriending will teach many things, and as it is a line… a rolled plane, a cylinder, used for support in walking, used for probing unknown land, measuring proportion, carrying a load sling across the back, a symbol, a device of teaching, a ridge pole for a tent, a temporary support, and finally stopping aggression toward beings… it may be explored, discovered; balance and flow, and when ready to work that last line, for stopping spears of aggression, find a collection of strong flexible branches fallen passed, bundle together as the rod, set upon crossed legged entwined for strength and make a strong target, stand it up, and strike, strike!

Strike! Find the distance, find the form, make the shape, strike!!! Strike and receive the echoes passing, torque, great torque… Move, summon the earth, the waters of change and fluidity, summon the fires of the sparks of metabolism and raise that jo high, that engine of life, rain down the winds upon that rod of bundled stick and make this your prayer. And having done this, strike and return quickly from any angle, any posture, any place, any where, and then hold, remain in zanshin, like the leaves in the breeze, lingering in autumn through winter…. range… range… emptiness, it is there, in that place, that wisdom finds grace, and stays the hand. At the slightest disturbance, move appropriately, modestly, gentle, and kind, yet moving the ten thousand suns in divine grace.

This is for the development of the spirit, and goes beyond stronger, goes beyond weaker, goes beyond masculine, goes beyond feminine, goes beyond, utterly beyond… even the strongest of gods fall to its blow, every motion moving in integration and differentiation… untouchable, unknowable, divine… uncertainty and certainty united… beyond one, beyond none, beyond one and none, beyond neither one nor none…

And having played with that jo, one finds a spear, for there in the spear lies the truest principles of the spine…

Emotional Content…
Bonnie, emotional content… 🙂
Without attachment to becoming,
nor what has passed,
Tada Ima,
Live here,
Live now.

You are in good hands,

Hello mitochondria,
that symbiotic being,
neither we, nor they…
shall we dance?

Masagatsu Agatsu…
this is your line now…

Keiko… ancient ways…
do you see them? buffalo
roaming; forms on the planes,
of a rock wall ancient, sans
words… ancient
ways…. enter