A Curious Happenstance on the Sidewalks of Social Media

And this ad having crossed this digital river,
and this ad having assembled here,
and the scroll having
in greeting,
fruits of kamma,
and having seen the
causes of this, through vipaka,
and having seen the condition, this
meeting of cause, condition,
and result, this street,
this sidewalk,
yet public,
and looking in,
this window, curious, a
store selling, “i am”, is just as
conceptual as one selling “who am”,
so what is it then? this language,
this arrow pointing to moon?
perception taught, and
perception creating
meeting, this ox,
shall we ride
and this phenomena,
this passing window, and
this photon emission screen, oh
yes, oh yes. phenomena, cause, condition
and result. oh yes, an enduring… pain, happiness,
as well as neutrality: to look, pausing to feel,
standing, and retreating, leaning,
touching, wonderful window
trim, the syren’s voice,
yet phenomena,
is there, like
work with
what’s there,
and there is perception,
and there is consciousness, and
there is love, and compassion, and there
is advert-ise-ment, advert mentality, advert ment-
ality, interrupt, interrupt, task switching,
memory, and mindfulness, adored,
yet mindfulness does not ador,
it knows, just as perception,
just as awareness, just
as seeing of seen,
and these?
i am not.
i am exactly not,
and this mindfulness
where the teacher TM could,
not look, where the reverend mother,
could not look; emptiness superpositioned,
with samsara, beyond binary opposition,
beyond selection, beyond preference,
beyond conjecture, beyond view,
beyond perspective, beyond
even superposition, and
what is it? this that
has been talked
about and
set up?
don’t break
their fingers, this
is their livelihood, and
yet that press, that machine,
that amplifier profound, the horn
blows loud and paved over all ground,
the homes and livelihoods of many;
and know this, yes, it is concept,
and just this, is too. cause,
condition, and result.
suffering to the
“i am”,
right view,
is the forerunner,
and right intention then so,
and following these undoing ignorance,
the ashes of wisdom and beauty remain, the horn,
torn down, the altar remains, speech un-
imbued with self-view, unimbued
with we-view, unimbued
with other-view,
and livelihood,
they scrape, automation,
automated beneficial practices, and left,
neutral ones, benefit, abstracted to other,
as a result of self-view, required,
greater effort, to renounce,
this passing advert-
ise-ment, and
knowing this,
this too… is not self.