and having heard…

Meditate and you to can see directly the play of cause, condition, and result… though technology produces more rapidly, more quickly, more vivid plays of sensory impressions, the truth of phenomena is there for realization. like a bee to the flower, tasting of the nectar of this wisdom, it draws near, and having drawn near it hears, and having heard, it knows, and knowing, it considers,

and considering, it realizes, and realizing it inclines, and having inclined, it collapses, and having collapsed it speaks, and having spoke, it acts, and having acted, it survives, and having survived it musters, and having mustered, it pulls together, and having pulled together it remains, and in remaining it acquires the view, and having acquired the view, it inclines toward liberation,

and having inclined toward liberation, verbal intimation leans all conversation toward the path gentle, and resolute, and having leaned with speech, action too is inclined in entrainment for speech is like the muse, and having inclined and entrained liberative livelihood emerges from the dust, the ashes of the barn burned down, rain down like wisdom, upon the land, effort continues, ever

increasing, growing, leaning deeper, toward that destination, unbound, concentration, upright, ardent, aware, aflame, like a lamp, illuminating, continuing, looking, aware, mindful, recollecting in the order, aware, like the great sea of tranquility…. unbound, wisdom… and having abided, having accomplished, the view, is exactly emptiness… swept like the mandala, of sands and time…

intention, empty… speech… empty… action… empty… livelihood empty… effort… and so too with concentration… and gliding… there is wisdom, this too is not self…. gone beyond, not even rebirth as a creator.