Whether it is a gentle path or a lightning path, it’s only useful as dust upon the eyes, water in the ears, smoke in the nose, tannin on the tongue, fire to the skin; all activity is suspended, all energy is gathered into getting it out. It is here training kicks a little more dust into the breeze, until one day, under careful observation, and the watchful eye, the dust ignites, the water flows, the smoke dissolves, the tannin polymerizes, the fire extinguishes, and all flow is illuminated, and in stillness, in equipoise, in peace, what is turbulent, becomes laminar, as the world, and many worlds, are seen for what these really are. In homage to the ancient ways, in homage to the assembly of wisdom, of method, of compassion, of love, of a noble effort to conquer hate, a noble effort to conquer craving for more and more, a noble effort to conquer living and dying of herds, and through herds, free, rarer than stumbling upon a single grain of sand, upon the shore. Insight only arrives through stopping, anytime, anywhere, just here, just now. The temples were built around the stopping, the offerings were offered around the stopping, the food was given around the stopping, the peace was radiating around the stopping, this is the de-quantization of self-view, the un-quantization, the un-conditioned, the de-polarization of duality.