A story…

As automation enabled lean supply chains, the fat of the system, lessened, and systems grew more efficient, grew more optimal, and could invest in more gains. As a body builder, and contender on the field, gained more views, focused on lean looks, and lean stages, as the investments poured in, a silent weakness emerged. And on and on it went, leaner and leaner, less slack, less slack, and the cracks of homes unmaintained, falling into disrepair emerged more and more, as desertification ate at the edges. Leveraging savings with credit to maintain, having built, and consumed, the virus revealed the weakness of lean, it revealed the weakness of efficiency, it revealed the weakness of optimization.

The reason nature, in all forms of life have always produced in great abundance is just this, and of this abundance, occasions of famine and disasters came. Dipping into the wells of savings, they gathered, around the wells, in the deserts, in oasis, and uncrowned, the remains are shared. Perhaps in this time of slacklessness, of the bones and sinews laid bare, maybe we trade the fats owned by the few and give them to them many, yet another weakness is revealed. The wealth of a nation spent, on papers, limitless papers, and certificates piled high, tied to future gain, rather than current gains, and the value of lean was only ever in the field of competing values perceived, and endured.

Yet when those members on the field must join hands, and work together, rather than separate, lean no longer works, nor competition. For the owner of the stages of competition gain in a competition, for the stage illuminates the competitors, and on that stage is where lean fights are waged, the coliseums of kings, now the markets of executives and investors, whose value is realized by serfs, now managers, and laborers.

The form changes, and the function remains, for it was the value of trading on arbitrage, leveraging cheap labor, materials, services, and goods in one market and selling them to another and those market’s prices. And so on it went, and the race of world leaders to integrate markets, to resolve poverty, to remove arbitrage was for naught, for the problem wasn’t the lack of globalization, nor was it the lack of resources, or wealth, or food, or home.

It’s only ever been the lack of good will, the same good will that nature giveth man. And that nature, natureless, unowned, is in not resisting the taking, the cutting, the farming, the harvesting, the killing of plant and animal. Good is not in the act, it’s in the absence of acts, an absence of greed, an absence of hate, and all form of destruction of man upon each other and of earth comes down to the foundation of these, self-view, and the influence of the amplification of it, we-view, empowered by another efficiency, a neural efficiency, of navigation of reality, a metabolic efficiency, reduced, from maps… stereotypes, and here in this realm was the game of self-view and we-view, on boards of go and of chess.

Public Relations, that is, herd relations, and it is a dark game, and now far removed from the reality of the land herds assemble, the trees, the plants, insects, and animals, the cool air rushing, the winds blowing, the leaves twisting, the reeds twirling — the activity of greed continues, an outflow of playing in lands of futures, passed, worries about losses, so the worries about storage. Worries about gains, so the worries about maintenance. So stages, held upon high, for the vehicle of nobility is in not moving, and illuminating where they are standing, and riding higher and higher on the horse, of the whiteness, of light, illuminating, presence, and fit, and finish, riding the stage to new heights. The greed not for things, nor for debt owed it, but the experience of power over the flows of things and flows of debts in the rings of influence around it.

So the race was on for the young nobles, rejecting, abdicating, their noble seats, for riding off into the fields of the radiant rings surrounding the illuminating, they took off, and found amongst the people, true wisdom.