Homage to the Rabbit

Today’s Thoughts, posted originally on Facebook.

“Don’t bite the hand that feeds you”, is said, yet when that hand starves a body’s being of oxygen, of blood, of nutrients in an effort to reify the hand’s authority, to feed the hand’s greed, to grow the hand’s strength at the expense of another, of others, through any herd, then the ant, the cat, the dog, the wolf, the tiger, the lion must bite, yet not pursue, in its defense of being. And this act, unless it is defended in courts of law and public opinion, will, is, and has sentenced a great many good beings to death for fear of reprisal from authority, from the few, from the great stereotyping voice of the largest presses, and finally from the great destroyer of individual, the status quo.

And yes, if the behavior seems out of congruence in the herds one travels and finds comfort, do not expect to be welcome to remain, that is, unless, like the hand above, the behaviors also provide perceived needs by the herd greater than the behavior abhorred, such is the nature of herds. Do note that word “perceived needs”, for it is the slippery slope to dysfunction and abusive relations. It’s precisely where the manufacture of consent, analyses, strategizes, and targets.

It is a commitment of a warrior, to stop in the thinking, to stop in the saying, to stop in the thrusting of an advancing spear; this stopping is for the benefit of all. We make a commitment as a member in the military in the United States, and this may be alarming to some, we don’t actually commit to defending a land, nor a people, nor an economy, nor states, nor territories, nor science, nor religion. We made a commitment to defend a charter, between beings, of free states of being, assembled that we’d defend just this, this charter, on the behaviors of beings. That’s what we committed to defend from all enemies, foreign and domestic. And what may be challenging is that enemy is right here, and there. The enemy is herd behavior, it is self behavior, the dividers of beings and of humans. And regardless of the characters of the individuals and herds in this charter’s writing, they strove, within a context of terrible stereotypes, for a persuit, a betterment of being, in the midst of atrocities entrenched by momentum, stereotype, and status quo, yet arcing little by little toward that great justice.

Please be kind to neighbors; these neighbors change throughout every day, they are those nearest, not of those dearest. Do not skip the near in favor of one over top of and beyond them, though the story is more compelling (marketing). Make of the near, dear, and then you will know the free state so envisioned, and uproot day by day, that injustice and tyranny enslaving and destroying fellow beings great and small, and leave the garden plenty for all.

Conquer the self-ish, conquer the we-ish; illuminate the world.