Seeking Behavior IX

And that pharmacology, is known, and it’s called “seeking behavior”.

It is not the pleasure from the reward, it is simply pleasure from the leaning in to search, to seek, without goal, navigating anxiety and boredom, while letting go of the old.

It is a replacement society, not a maintenance society, it is pluck-and-chuck rather than fix and maintain, it is a society of a great many who cannot afford to repaint their homes, it is a society who have put their old out into homes separate, it is a society that built its workplaces huddled into small circles, every morning its workers compete against each other to the centers of those circles, and stop and buy things going into work, and leaving, they compete against each other to leave those centers of those circles, some give up, stopping to buy or eat, and arrive at home late, apologizing to their brothers, their sisters, their mothers, their significant others, their loves, and to sleep, and arise to do it again.

It was not architected by a single man, yet is the evolution favored by print and press, of a manufacturing of consent to consume, rather than aggress. The leaders didn’t want the people to be easily directed to war, so entrenched the drug to repulse it, to consume one’s identity, to eat of the things that made a being whole, in the eyes of others and of self, yet the unexpected, happened.

The beings ate of themselves, like locusts and ravaged the land.