On the Topic of Desegregation

A member of the digital social community asked what would end the riots arisen recently.

It was asked, “what would end this,” and it will be told directly, please re-read carefully.

Desegregation. Desegregate Self-View and Other-View. Desegregate We-View and They-View.

Attribution, Race, Wealth, Income, Recognition, Dignity, Greed, Hate, Protest, Riot… all these are merely lagging indicators of segregative thoughts, segragative words, segragative deeds, thus culminating in segregative livelihoods; establishing, maintaining, and teaching segregative views. It is by way of the brand of activity, that segregation takes hold, that segregation spreads, that segregation intensifies, that segregation then burns.

And the salve applied during desegregation? It is that which is beyond the brands of self, of other, of we, and of thay. It is Love, it is Generosity, it is Compassion, it is Wisdom, and just know, when these are see directly, without branding it I, Me, Mine, They, Them, Theirs, We, Us, Ours, Those, Them, Theirs, then desegragation in thought occurs, and one can see the beautiful without segregation, and from here, one can speak the truth without segregation, and from here one can act without segregation, and from here, one finds livelihood that uproots segregation, and when this occurs, one finds a world desegregated.

And of this salve, during the period from the segregated, to the desegregated, the world must apply the salve in thought, word, and deed, and in policy, media, and execution. Those on the path to desegregation must be cared for, must be spoken well of, and must be compensated during the techtonics of equalization.

This is not a utopic activity, this is an equalizing activity, and it is not a one and done activity, for it is a continual activity, and it is a maintained activity. It is beyond balance, for a balance segregates, and suspension desegregates. And what is suspended? Segregative views, segragative words, segragative deeds, and segragative livelihoods. And in the suspension, there is upheaval, and in upheaval, pain, anguish, suffering, and this is exactly where, the salve is applied, as it will be unique to each locality.