Artillery Batteries

Like an artillery battery, receiving instructions, so too does the mind intended aim intention. as intention is the cause of the fruits of intention, the shot, now fired, will land in the orientation of the firing. Thus cause and effect, kama and vipaka, rain down from the orientations of intentions, and combining with condition to allow fruition.

Just as a line unit walks down the field, raining down artillery, without fear, knowing these batteries land these rounds, intended, so does the adherent in the wisdom of cause and effect, walk down the fields of the blossoming of kamma, as vipaka, the results arisen, unshaken and firm in faith in the reduction of suffering, in the cessation of suffering.

Knowing this, the cup full duty ascetics, and the cup empty duty ascetics are arrived at, the crazy wisdom duty ascetics, the logic duty ascetics, the business duty ascetics, the martial duty ascetics, the prayer duty ascetics, the industry duty ascetics, the re-reading (religion) duty ascetics, the strict ascetic duty ascetics (devadatta), the economy duty ascetics, the governance duty ascetics, the popular opinion management duty ascetics, the legal duty ascetics, the motherly duty ascetics, and on and on, arrive on the path.

For when that path, this path is realized, there is a great extinguishing, a divine extinguishing of the craving to become. Becoming duty ascetics, beings, craving for the putting away of pains, craving for the pulling near of pleasures, craving for the becoming of putting away, and pulling near.

All arrows point here, and now, yet still, unsatisfied with craving, unsatisfied with forms, unsatisfied with the formless, there is this flow, there is samsara, with its churning waves. And just as a lotus’ petals point limitless directions, so too does wisdom, gone beyond orientation. And just as the petals attach at the base to the propagator, so too does wisdom flow from perception reflecting the absolute, as a lotus disc, a moon disc. And outward radiance illuminates peace, and through this peace, like a great furnace, like the sun, removing impurity, so too does the lotus, through that stem, leaf, and root. Down below in the mud, limitless roots, purifying the path, arrived at, unchosen, undone, unbound, and arisen, facing that sun, illuminating day by day, moon by moon.

The warrior knows not, for the warrior expresses understanding of anatta, directly and honors not name, nor form, nor formless. Yet, the signs attendant to a noble search, a search for putting away the suffering of being.

It was said, “When you strike at the king, you must kill him,” and of “him” is self-view-of-other which implies self-view, which imply we-view, which imply they-view.