To Telos, Again

Telos Press It is the mis-attribution of successes of real ideas, in the form of love, compassion, and wisdom, to affairs of states and cultures, where real ideas are mutated into Real Ideas TM, and registered as Real Ideas (R), and supported by Real Ideas (C).

The real issues follow the same course in any attribution redirection campaign, as the root of the issue is always the pursuit of happiness and the allaying of suffering, that therein is the case. And here, in this Court of Public Opinion, the Public Relations Council, as Edward Burnays spoke of, serves as a lawyer in a Court of Law. Rather than presenting original, critical thinking, the presentation is before the Jury, common, perceived lead by thought leaders, trusted advisors, and those at the forefront of stereotype crystallization.

Now, in today’s society, much as in all societies, the role of the Public Relations Council can be just as nefarious as the lawyer, in the formation of class, and thereby caste, then stacking the decks in who is judged thought leader, and who is judged trusted advisor. This is in effect to steer the Public Opinions of a growing population of audience converting into consumers.
The advert-ise-ment[ality] simply is an outflow of intents, and there is where one may be judicious, with wisdom, in knowing the true character of the advertisement.

That all said, all intention changes the world experienced, in that intentions crystallize further habitation, and that happens from the seemingly tiny of moments to the most gross moments. The sense making can either be fed or discovered, and any individual or herd making an effort to encourage discovery in the audience, may very well be quick to discover a lack of compensation, such is the individual and herd apt to create a small dysfunction whereby one doesn’t teach fishing, but provides fish in exchange for living.

And that lands square in this very advert-ise-ment. The buying and selling of what? Of the crystallization of opinion, no different than buying a sugar crystal or a car. Adorned in opinions, like kings by clothing of affirmation and bureau of aristocracy. It is fitting that the press is Telos, End Goal, indeed is wisdom, love, compassion, and sympathetic joy, and not by beyond it.