And this came out… on -isms

-ism is any form of a systematic re-reading, and the separation of a systematic re-reading, and a plurality of free states of being, are protected by the wisdom of birth free of it, and so the plurality of free states does not recognize a nationally sanctioned re-reading, nor is allowed to abridge any form of re-reading public or private, so if and when a state or plurality of states embrace, adopt, and recognize a re-reading, regardless of subject or object, either singular, or plural, or a plurality of pluralities, as sanctioned by the state, then freedom is abridged and violates the freedom born, recognized as inalienable.

So any -ism may be practiced freely, however should not infringe on another to practice theirs, therefore capitalism, is too a re-reading, though imbalanced in proportion, and what is embracement, but a growing share of re-reading behavior? The same as christian-ism, buddh-ism, islam-ism, social-ism, for what is religion but this very act, to re-ligion, to re-read, and what is State Sanctioned if not this very embracement, adoption, and enforcement of re-reading day to day the letter and law of the land, of key performance questions and key performance indicators, of laboratory test hypotheses, and lab test results, of judicial inquiry, and judicial opinion, of spiritual practice, and spiritual fruition? Economy, economy, economy, numbers…

Worship at the altar of economics, re-reading figures and facts, tables and measures, magnitudes and directions, and within these castle walls of statistic and heuristic, sacrificing lives behind a moat of demographics; tweaking stereotype aggregations and de-aggregations in opportunity and faith for the acquiring of better rains of revenue and margins tomorrow for those here rather than those over there. And then papering those prospective gains, and trading the share of gains as a priest dons the robes, so too does a marketeer don the paper, so too does a leader don the herds, so too does an aristocrat don the presses; the fountains of -ism.

And so it continues, seas of -isms, where day to day the plurality of beings and herds explore, and navigate re-reading, re-sensing, and re-thinking, over and over again, and subjugate of neighbors their results of re-reading, to be re-read, as if the results are the cause of themselves.

Standing back the summation of re-reading, and collapsed to a banner, of brand, and under these banners, embraced, are the faithful to insert-favorite-ism-here, and of that embracement and wish for a herd continued for one perceives a self, a plurality of selves unobliterated, unthreatened, unguilty, unharmed, unrestrained, unsupressed, and untraumatized within it; the psychologies of suffering reduced. As within, a culture emergent, as cohorts age, a proselytizing behavior continues, as law, marketing and public relations, and finally to justice and enforcement, to maintain the herd of any -ism.

And what of freedom? And liberty? What of that pursuance of happiness, brief and fleeting; from moment to moment, to the next, to the next? It was the practice of re-reading itself that was responsible for successes in all endeavors, rather than the fruits of it, and what is re-reading but here, and now, attuned to the joys and sorrows not thought, nor imagined, not near, nor far, but right here, right now, beyond self, beyond other, beyond we, beyond they, beyond oneness, beyond noneness, beyond here, and beyond now. The value of re-reading is in the re-, re-sensing, re-membering, re-thinking, re-saying, re-acting, it is noble, it is honorable, it is that which imbues all matter of dignity. And it is that, which affords compassion and gives generously of love and joy, prime requisites for space and time, within which wisdom and action are always and ever, inseparable.

And yet… this too is a re-reading, and liberty will only ever arise from realization, untaught, undictated, unborn, and that is the very definition of inalienable, impermanent, essenceless, empty, and the reason liberty and justice is inseparably supreme.

Solve suffering; even beyond walk-free-through-all-ism.

Image contains prior art from WarGames, MGM, 1983.