Into the World Pores of Walls, the Democracy of Nature Grows

The greatest gift of Democracy to the world is modeling the gift of adaptability through continuity, in that the will of a nation, in pursuance of happiness by way of greater truth, and a greater wisdom, and a greater ability can, elect a completely different leadership, and allay the sufferings, through love, expressed in the care and compassion of laying down neglect, and restoring unity in the separations of favored and unfavored peoples. And though a democracy throws its fit of rage in the transcendence of neglect, and trauma, it emerges renewed, and greater than prior. For democracy shares of its behavior the principles of heaven as well as that of earth, that is, a noble nature, and it is a vital aspect of life, and liberty, and the driving behavior of peace, and that is the evolution of having lived, to leave it better, for the next.

And when the world closes its eyes, and sleeps, and dreams its world view upon a filtered stage, that firewall of fear, of aversion, cannot deny, any longer, that a people elected a new leader, for all the censored presses cannot manufacture such a great mass of content hiding of a portraying of a nation, a unity of free states of being, now suddenly completely different, suddenly a people renewed, suddenly innovations achieved, and suddenly triumphant.

For it is not the system that manages this emergence, but nature|lessness> itself|less>, emergent, impermanent, evolving, that a free peoples live in harmony with, and sometimes that nature rears its proverbial head and says, “no more”, to injustice and intolerance. So let this be a lesson to a preponderance of authoritarianism, for when you wake up and see a new face, a new governance, a new field of representation, a new demeanor, a new stage, and a new theater; the very people managing the gates of press will see it, and this liberty, and the effects therein will enter the very pores of the walls so tall, erected, like the fabled wisteria, and twist and crack an entrenchment or views, so as to remind fixation, of the power of emptiness, in being inseparable from form on this great sea of samsara.