To Morelli

Dear Morelli,

Nice to see you.

No act of abuse inflicted on any being is fit and proper, for the respect, dignity, and welfare of others in a plurality of free states.

Abuse is destructive and leaves decades, if not lifetimes of damage in its wake. Having experienced this as a young boy, both in severity of word and physicality of body, repeatedly, from many matters of angle, even as you say, an institution, so near and dear to caring for the young, a school’s teachers and principals included, and then covered up, plowed to the grounds, no apology found, coordinated in effort and rumor established that something sinister was afoot… yet not… it left me wondering how this came to be, rather than seeking a retribution, my how a life well lived will serve as a model rather than a life turbulent punishes as an arbiter.

As we cross on the sidewalk of social media, this was seen in the photon window, and while here, for others. It may be very beneficial to share in the interest of encouraging a free exchange of ideas. No, in a union of a plurality of free states of being, and a nation there assembled, justice is metered to crimes, not criminals, and so please, the institution is a mere artifice, a concept, held in legal frameworks, yet when peeling back the layers back to the people, and the inalienable freedoms born… a word of wisdom from Holmes…

An advertisement by a law firm to punish an institution rather than the crime.
The Window Shop

Punish the crime, not the criminal.

We don’t rub the criminal’s nose in it, public relations does this for efficient polarization, for navigation. And so, that’s what this is here, yet it deeply divides, and results in habitatuation of polarization, as the marketing is encouraging the punishment of criminals rather than crimes, and that is a slippery slope to politic and tyranny as judgements are passed on current looks, present, of historical criminals, passed; stereotypes then shape and crystallize public opinion in and against those people, and then quickly slipping, ever so, toward suppression, and all matter of it, and if it continues, as it does, historically so, and still today… soon it results in genocide.

So please, as a law firm or lawyer, yes the fields of public opinion are wide and varied, but wisdom and compassion beseeches an appeal to the better selves that lie in a rare sliver of permutative excellence, so difficult to grasp, and touch that it often goes unnoticed.

Be kind to your neighbors and they to them, do not skip neighbors near in favor of those over them, dear; for judgments are passed on actions, rather than individuals, and so as to preserve any shred of dignity and grace that is the initial seed and private key to restoring a human race.

Good luck. May this be a benefit to all beings.


Thus having come, this having come… [redacted]