On Mud and Lotus IV

Insight dissolves hindrances, beyond self, beyond other, beyond we, beyond they; and the signs of its encouragement, these signs, this precious nectar of wisdom, like licking honey off the edge of the blade.

It was always in the attentiveness to the licking, mindful, upright, ardent, inclined toward right release, starting with right view, that [will]liberate[d] enduring these very blades.

Not self, not other, not self and other, not neither self nor other.

Not we, not they, not we and they, not neither we nor they.

Far apart from perverted views one dwells in nibbana, for one, impermanent, conditioned, subject to birth, old age, death, and decay, like this white photon screen upon which black forms obscure in a mutual task accomplished, such is the language of the etching, black, upon bleach white bones, inscribed, and fallen upon the earth, where, upon which, the eyes of even the smallest, may see it.

Just as beings in asura realms use computers, come about, descendant from makers of them, used once to catalogue and process a great people, neighbors executing genocide upon neighbors, sorted, so too does the lotus sort of the mud, yet gone beyond harm, adopting a gentle form, in its rising. The lotus, yet does not abandon samsara, it renounces it, yet benefits of the fruits of past intentions pure, as pure as the bleach white snows on mountain peaks, nourishing of all matter of life below it.