The Flag of these United States [of beings]

They did not pledge allegiance to a nation, they pledged allegiance to liberation from bondage from those that simultaneously enriched themselves on the backs of its citizens in the fields of economics (through weapons of debt), controlled the narratives in fields of public opinion (through weapons of press), suppressed assembly for forming petitions to address grievances (through weapons of law), suppressed free speech in public spaces (through weapons of private property), stationed surveillance and censors in people’s homes while feeding the apparatus of surveillance and censor (through weapons of quartering policing), carried out acts of arrest for countering the prior by ensuring a weakening of defense (through weapons of arms and war)…. all of this is what was fought against.

The flag that flies above this land is the flag not of a nation, but just this, a charter between these free states of being, a flag of the Constitution of these United States, and this Constitution is what we, as servicemen, as veterans, as a militia uphold and defend… from all enemies, foreign, and domestic. This charter is aimed at the breaking of bondage of the oppressed and all beings deserve its protection within these United States.