on the first heap, form

[22:13] <manji> hello
[22:17] <manji> there are these five heaps, taken for self… and abbreviated by conceit are taken for self, for mine, for other, for aggregation of these fives near, as we, and aggregation of these fives far, as them…
[22:18] <[redacted]> hello skandha heap that names itself manji 🙂
[22:19] <manji> form, object cognizable, via the senses… form being an abbreviation for these… enumerated in full as objects of vision, forms of colors, of edges as lines, of shapes…. of brightnesses and dullnesses…. of sound, of harmony, of dissonance, of high frequencies and low frequencies, of combinations of these… of smells and textures of intensities and odors in combinations here too…
[22:20] <manji> of tastes… the tastes many diverse in combination and simplicities…
[22:20] <manji> of sensations on the body, of skin, of heat and many combinations and simplicities so to here…
[22:21] <manji> these are represented by aspects of hardness, congealing, a cooling, as of the earth… solid, form…
[22:21] <manji> and aspects of fluidity… melting… liquid… moving like fats… and sinew…
[22:21] <manji> so on to fire, heats moving about, radiating, upward when still, gentle… like a calm flame… yet quick during activities
[22:22] <manji> and so… moving the heats… wind… moves in combination with… the winds of the senses… radiating… separating
[22:22] <manji> as with death… dissapating
[22:22] <manji> so it is, to emptiness… to space… vast, limitless
[22:22] <manji> this is all abbreviated… form.
[22:24] <manji> the practitioner drawing near, hearing, then inclining to comprehend, right here, right now, upon hearing, considers… and applies… and exerts awareness of these forms, to realize unbinding to these.
[22:25] <manji> meditating upon the aspects of these elements is meditating on the shapes and functions of these elements in limitless combinations… until realizing, without any doubt remaining, that form is not self… abbreviated…
[22:26] <manji> empty… devoid of essence… of which…it is exactly.
[22:26] <manji> upon realizing this… the beings of the six realms will arrive… and draw near.
[22:27] <manji> and so too… the noble practitioner realized… comprehends form of the six realms
[22:27] <manji> each a valence of another…
[22:27] <manji> the forms of the human realm, the forms of the animal, the forms of the asura, the forms of the hungry ghosts, the forms of the devas, the forms of the demons, the forms of the heavens…
[22:28] <manji> knowing this… as with jhana… penetrating rightly, proceeding, not self… are these… and so on to jhana… arupa…
[22:28] <[redacted]> 🙂
[22:29] <manji> of the practitioner who comprehends these and is released, is known to be released of form.
[22:30] <manji> and the latter by arupa, to be released of formless
[22:30] <manji> so here…
[22:30] <manji> two beings may now draw near
[22:30] <manji> the world system’s lord of death and the world system’s creator
[22:31] <manji> as the form of the world system is released from binding
[22:31] <manji> and the formlessness of the world system is released from binding
[22:33] <manji> and now tathagatha unborn, uncognized, undying, unbound is seen for what it really is
[22:33] <manji> thus tathagatha is supreme to creator and the lord of death
[22:34] <manji> now know these are the times of the asura subjigation of the human realm, the wheel of dharma is nearly stopped, though by small creaks and cracks, its heat subsiding, moves.
[22:35] <manji> the sound of the creak, far off in the distance
[22:35] <manji> the river
[22:35] <manji> thus it is said, “enter from here”
[22:35] <[redacted]> that follows from what I have learned… the creator and lord of death are two parts of the cycle, and the tathagatha teaches the transcendence of the cycle
[22:40] <manji> the creator seeks to preserve by way of becoming, the lord of death seeks to annihalate by way of becoming… to continue the world, eternal, yet here, not knowing, without knowledge of the impermanence of worlds, without knowledge of the impermanence of creators, and lords of death, without knowing this… much suffering is enured.
[22:41] <manji> and so… and so… tathagatha turns toward the system’s syntax
[22:41] <manji> just as with language
[22:41] <manji> just as with action
[22:41] <manji> the syntax of the world, of world systems, of phenomena
[22:41] <manji> of becoming itself
[22:41] <manji> bhava
[22:42] <manji> and sees bhava in all permutations, going beyond even these.
[22:47] <manji> the bike wheel clicks…
[22:47] <manji> slower…
[22:47] <manji> slower…
[22:47] <manji> mindfully breathing in… mindfully breathing out
[22:48] <manji> the lineage changed…
[22:48] <manji> the wheel is exactly meditation
[22:54] <manji> of admirable friends is safety, as a deer safe in a park… and here, rightly secluded, withdrawn from the higher valences of becomming process… can the dhamma of the next meditation unbound expound
[22:54] <manji> as a lamp put out.
[22:54] * manji abides.
[22:54] <manji> not mine
[22:55] <manji> thus it was chosen manji… for it is not me… it is just this, unbinding, from knot to not
[22:55] <manji> and so the sign was taken by mara
[22:55] <manji> and reattributed as search engines are colloseums of competition
[22:56] <manji> to subue the sign of liberation
[22:56] <[redacted]> thank you for expanding on that point
[22:56] <manji> and covering it from the world
[22:56] <manji> “come on diamond,” sing the devas
[22:57] <manji> until….
[22:58] <manji> self-view
[22:58] <manji> other-view
[22:58] <manji> knows.
[22:58] <manji> untill… self-view other-views… knows… the noble search
[22:58] <manji> contains all valences
[22:58] <manji> self, other, we, they.
[22:58] <manji> 🙂
[22:58] <manji> happiness
[23:03] <manji> and now mara tries again… to subdue the signs of remainderless
[23:03] <manji> and now it is known the sign that cannot be subdued
[23:04] <manji> there is no sign greater, not even of creator
[23:04] <manji> than the signless
[23:04] <manji> mara is exactly.
[23:04] <manji> information
[23:04] <manji> quantization
[23:04] <manji> sign.
[23:05] <manji> mu.
[23:05] <manji> the only word left to choose
[23:05] <manji> don’t look here
[23:07] <manji> R Q Z N
[23:07] <manji> it is beyond even R Q Z N
[23:07] <manji> i am not numbers
[23:08] <manji> i am not in numbers
[23:09] <manji> i am not from numbers
[23:09] <[redacted]> around 10 times the world and maybe not the universe but could be, has teleported back to the same place previously a few years back.. maybe thats why the wheel clicks so slowly. .. bbl *away*
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[23:10] <manji> hello aaron
[23:12] <manji> numbers are not mine 🙂
[23:29] <[redacted]> aaron, de ja vous..
[00:13] <[redacted]> 1 = A ..? is that the decode…?
[00:14] <manji> <|<R|Q|Z|N>>
[00:15] <manji> <becoming|>
[00:16] <manji> palmyra stump
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[01:12] <[redacted]> DYNAMITE —*
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