Movies tend…

This was in #buddhism, Undernet IRC, post references to Dune…

“Movies tend…” yes this is true… like gardening… of course… such is the breeding program unguided and largely chaotic. Yes there were attempts at controlling breeding for particular outcomes in social influence of the birthing of genius yet it was partly disbanded. Yet in many industries, inclusive of politic, the tools and resources powered the breeding of consumption under the houses of brands.

“Less or more intellectual”, this is an interchangeable indicator for consumer quotient, as in what level of work is involved in the creation of a moving of sensory impressions in rhythmic and harmonic effect in order to produce the same in the secretions of neurotransmitters, which is optimized on certain axis, enveloping and bathing certain areas of the neural topology riding upon the carrier wave of a body for pleasures or in some cases pain. Which in those cases ricochet in order to produce beta-endorpines which have their neurochemical side effects too.

The viscerality is proportional to that primal consumptive brain of yes indeed like and as the worm, a raw body of a tube, moving… so it is only natural that the spice, that interchangeable indicator for neurotransmission itself evolving, much like what was discovered of the cephalopodic abilities in neurologically manipulating their own RNA.

So it makes sense that the worm of sand naturally produced this spice… as that was seen directly… consumption reducing grok-ability, this substance that allows true seeing, and for some, with the ability to reside in tranquility. From that place… this base… prescience is inverted, the entire sphere is inverted, yet in every nuanced direction, all cardinality is inverted.

It’s not that the future is seen as it was passed, it’s that the future is made, constructed, quite plainly as valences of fragmentation of the crystal remaining as this very sand.

So now this assembly requires an essential element, which by nature, nature-less…

-less into ness, as it is a quality… this control which seems to be another is another-less, as intentions are these very grains of sand that the worm eats…

The worm of this body eats, literally, into nibbana, beyond into… the horizon the reverend mothers cannot look… these reverend mothers being the interchangeable indicator of the very leaders of religions themselves…

The awakened eats every known.

And beyond the border of knowing.

Eating and groking the very notion of becoming… beyond…

Becoming Beyond

Thus come, thus gone

The bridge between these is as the lotus from the mud.

And what is mud?

Yet more refined sand.

Mixed with what?


And who brings the water?


And what is the name?


That concludes the lecture on the worm.


When working with diplomatic details, the though occurred one day when a close friend was walking into a park, she was looking at trees, and the entirety of the relationship shifted, it became evident that the entirety of language over many years was about something way more immediate.

All of the words, all of the language, the body language, the nuance, the roughness, of which roughness was little, mind you…

Was an effort to guide, not as a driver of some cart pulled by horses, but by another thing entire. It took many more years to develop this skill, the skill of those in diplomatic communities, yet it is nonsensical, at times, there are entire teams of individuals attached to the cultural attache that examine words and behaviors.

Yet the words are very immediate. And then after developing this further, realizing that while the grasping mind may mistake and be confused by the “confusion wave”, some called it, there were latent seeds of communication.

And this effort of sincerely digging in and working in understanding another, silently or actively, really not speaking to them at “their level”, as oft the mechanation of education in service of economation… this effort is valuable.

It was in the interest of what someone was saying.

And the words pointed to exactly what was being seen, regardless of the flower and font of a designer’s choosing.

And stepping back from this, it is apparent, that people’s lives have been, are, and continue to be happier, even in the finding of temporary happiness for the words are reflected back, in signs and symbols wrapped around seeds, just as trunk and leaf.

Yet only a truly skilled mind can see the benefit, for this work is below the earth, unseen.

Is their life improving, is there a betterment, is the magnitude and direction going the right way? Yes it is.

And looking into this channel it appears so.

Besides anatta is chief amongst viewless views.

The opining for “I am” is vast, and just as a monkey’s paw stuck in pitch, the other paw, will fight tooth and nail any assistance while attempting to free the other paw. Yet the skill is in setting forth something beneficial as medicine between the thrashing of resisting. And that tiny little medicine is the very sign, that maybe, just maybe arrests one minor tiny thrash.

And that medicine? It is mindfulness, meditation, absorption even in a fraction of a second… a thrash arrested.

This benefits then thousand lifetimes, ten thousand being the ceiling of numbers in many cultures… hence it means limitless.

And the last thing to share, why share these arcane meanings like “ten thousand this…”, “ten thousand that…”?

Because if there is any ounce of interest in reading ancient texts, these are the fragments vast… and it will provide ancient assistance, to stop a thrash yet, now, undone.

That is enough for now.


So this kind of speaking is not used in continual communication, for this kind of speaking, while more descriptive, is just that… descriptive. It is far more valuable for this group, the practice of mindful awareness post meditation, in the acknowledgement and sharing of the burning off of conceptualization and that burning off reveals the fruits of attainment, and these fruits burn defilement brighter still.

So no this kind of speaking is not fit for this group, not for the asuras.

Just as coffee was once used as a medicine yet now used in service of addictions concentrated by mechanations, so too is the dhamma once used as medicine yet now used in service of addictions concentrated by religions.

To use this very ability as a medicine, a tincture, a tea, for the inducement of tranquility and arriving at insight not by other, not by self, not by we, not by they… truly it is as a turtle sticking (stoic) its (king) head through (Mithras) a small (all) hole, in a stick, amongst the oceans (oceanic) vast. And what motion could possibly still the entirety of samsara?