The Asuras and Buddha

… and the Asuras, conditioned to competition,
to the joys of competition,
to the love of competition,
allaying the annoyances of the coming together of that which brings end to competition,
of cessation, of the path that leads to cessation, and unbinding,
struggling to maintain the flows toward the peaks,
struggling to maintain the grip,
struggling to maintain the hand,
struggling to maintain attribution of success to competition,
just as in all times passed,
just as in the present time,
just as in all times future,
here, now, when the wheel of dhamma stop,
buddha, annutara samyok sambhodi,
realized, completely, without remainder,
tathagatha, beyond all world systems when,
asura function reaches peak, and presses
against all beings in all other realms,
with weapons of diversity, in
all aspects, in all phenomena,
these buddhas here,
are warrior buddhas,
and put out the jealousy of the asuras,
who in seeing generosity,
mistake it as one mistakes a stick for a snake,
mistaking generosity as competition,
so far apart from perverted views,
here, is the asymmetric key.