Backdrafts of Views

Suffering is a back draft from a conflagration of views post
self-view, other-view, we-view, and they-view generation.

The former of self-view and other-view, five aggregates.
The latter of we-view and they-view, assemblies of fives,
in lesser or greater assemblies, such is a conflagration.

Just as a fire, depleted of oxygen, when a door or window
opened, sends in a great rush of oxygen seeking stability,
yet meets the fuel and yet, bursts, explodes in violent
reaction, just so too, when these views meet fresh condition.

Views recollected, “I was this way,” “I will be this way” which is
super positioned with “You were this way”, “You will be that way”, which is
super positioned with “We are this way”, “We will be that way”, which is
super positioned with “They are this way”, “They will be that way”, which is
seen in the past, in the present, in the future, which is
seen as a habitation, or seen as a reaction.

The conflagration obscures,
The billowing clouds obscure,
not as walls block, but
as slits scatter.

And what remains are patterns, arisen through the scattering,
as such is the yoke of sensuality, traced through a genesis of
views, fixed, as a monkey paw in pitch.

And just as fire fighting establishes vertical ventilation,
where no extinguishing can continue at any edges, so too does the
noble practitioner, noble by way of behavior, remain, as a
lamp, establishing the vertical ventilation, to alleviate
pressure, from the center axis of metabolistic,
activity, burning off metabolistic identity.

And when the pressure is stable, and the backdraft, is
well measured, the origin of control, then and only then,
is the extinguishing assured.