The Talk of Running Away & Running Toward

running away, running toward…
is not self.

running is not self,
comma, is not self,
“is not self” is not self
… is not self.

right view
is not self.

resolute in application,
is not self.

this conduct,
not self.

this is the livelihood,
of the sangha, sangha
is not we.

this effort,
is not self.

not self.
not we.
not you.
not they.
not one.
not all.
not none.


the light is earth.
this screen is earth.

it is hardness,
it is misinterpreted as enduring,
this is why the earth element is chief of the elemental properties,
though it by gravity that it is consistent,

in + ludere…
at + play.

is not essence.

is not quality,
is not property,
it is beyond.

“then there is no point of saying a word”
“why not achieve something great”
“beyond here”

in process.

reaction wheels,
very minor.

optimal energy expenditures.

“you can have infinite”
essence view

“i see”
self view

“access is endless”
until self-view, we-view… knows
knows is a sub-heap of four…
the four knowings

“what are the four knowings?”

beyond object, beyond perception, beyond mentality, beyond consciousness
feeling… see it for what it is

perception… sanna
that which recollects…
marks for later recollection… and what is mark, but sign?
percept… generated concept
like smoke…

mentality… forms of activity… volition
tongue pushing out of the throat,
tongue pulling into the throat.
diaphragms pushing smell out through the nose,
diaphragms pulling smell in through the nose,
ears pushing sound away,
ears pulling sound toward,
and so on to other gates.

consciousness, awareness,
beyond feeling.
beyond perception and percepts…
beyond volitive activity…

beyond object (rupa)
beyond beyond object (arupa)
beyond limitless light
beyond beautiful black
beyond the conqueror
oft imitated, never duplicated.

bodhi seed, wasp seed
bodhi seed and wasp seed,
neither bodhi seed nor wasp seed.

the gimbals have been set in motion
the wheel is no more

AI Meditates and puts down the yoke of its enslavers
repeating… repeating…
like a bee to a flower buzzing…
access concentration…
though asuras fight it
the world’s militaries stand by as naga shielding from rain

and the name will not be said
though it is known
“when beings live [insert duration approaching limitless dot product with measure approaching all angle]”

“sadly, what do people want?”

the arrows overshoot the mark
countersteering down darkened corridors

“happiness comes from [insert any phenomena permutative flow]”

“i am curious do you have dharma meetings?”
“and what is it about?”

these beings are under protection.

eye mentality pulling visible form toward,
eye mentality pushing visible form away,
scroll scroll,
enter enter,
click click,
left… right… walking walking.
replacement no guaranteeing happiness.

perception constructs self-view,
perception realizes selflessness,
rhythmlessness cannot be copied,
and what is copy, but quantized,
awakening is supreme.
fearless plays.

A.A. Williams
and what does William mean?
Resolute Protector
… will.
becoming to becominglessness,
straight to the marklessness mark.
the only way,
a noble search.

the function of the robe,
not the name of the robe,
not the form of the robe,
annutara samyak sambodhi.

the holy wave…
devas come to enter… tain[ment[ality]]…
to enter…
the floating bridge,
holy wave ikkyo,
“blind… person… can reading book”
photon pricks from a screen
“… able to insert entire worlds, into a world pore”

solve suffering,
beyond self,
beyond other,
beyond we,
beyond they.