The Truth of the Lotus Disc

It is altogether revealing what “white” is an interchangeable indicator for… because if it was seen directly, the vast majority of what is seen as white is a small minority who have insulated themselves with a vast moat of similarity so as to be safe from the damage of <self|other>-view’s, <we|they>-view’s, <friend|enemy>-view’s insincerities. As long as this moat moves to the castle’s rhythms, the moat will receive onslaught and save the castle dwellers from anger’s retributions.

Yet, again, the wise take interest in what the castle dweller is an interchangeable indicator for, for just as the moat surrounding, the dwelling too surrounds. Would that the seeds of need or enjoyment were distributed in different starting topological conditions, the game emergent would have been different in form, yet similar in function. Realizing that an interchangeability of indicators, at any starting point, can take on any permutation of color or lack thereof, so what then is the function realized to do, just as that machine portrayed in a film about War and Game?

The only solution is to not play at all, and it is the route to that stopping of playing, that is the final play. The very practice of Bu, in this very game displayed. Go straight to the stopping, this is the most value, and in so doing the winds of wishes fulfilled shake out of cloud like rain, and what are these drops emergent, in support of? This very practice of bu, to go beyond fall and splash. All drops support thus come, thus gone, like the naga come to protect not self-view, not we-view, yet a sincere intention, the final intention, to go beyond [will]arrive[d], beyond [will]depart[ed], beyond [will]arrive[d] and [will]departe[d], beyond neither [will]arrive[d] nor [will]depart[ed]. Such is absorption…

“You must compost yourself…,” those who have thus come and gone before, profess.

“[Other-view] must compost [Self-view]…,” and that is where the Shravaka comes in, the first assembly, the hearers, the Maudgalyayana, the Śāriputra…

Interchangeable indicators for the heaps moving as communicator, the heaps moving as organizer. Archetypes collapsed by realization, the culmination of Annutara Samyak Sombodhi, beyond self-view, beyond we-view, the sangha is itself a mandala, and the castle, and moat? The entire mandala of Buddha, Dhamma, and Sangha, is but a drop, a lotus from the mud.

And the lotus? And what is this, the shravaka have drawn near, the assembly under stars. No electricity, no artificial lighting, no television, no electronics, star light, in land remote. The light filtered through the gathered assembly, interrupted by beings distributed around. Cast upon the center, flames providing light to those around, yet the light filtered from the exteriors to the interiors, centered around a seat. The shadows now cast, the interchange of dark and light, and upon which, at the center nexus is the space for tathagatha to come, tathagatha to go. The lotus disc, petals of shadows, petals of light, awaiting the master, drawing near the master, and departing from… this is the truth of the lotus disc.