The Election of Leadership in a Democracy as the Road to Tyranny

Democracy was never about electing leaders, for the leaders are in one’s communities. Democracy was about electing executors of the policies set forth by its legislatures, and that legislature was elected as policy makers reflective of a unification of its peoples toward a betterment of society and further pursuance of happiness of individuals, and justice is about ruling on the breaking of law and policy rather than the following of it.

Yet toward a slippery slope to civil war in transitioning to meritocracy, autocracy, and tyranny is when the people in duress, export their leaders to governance, and lose them locally. It is when the people elect leaders rather than executors, it is when people elect leaders rather than policy makers, and it is when people elect leaders rather than justices. And so a people’s localities will have awaken to find themselves a lack of any local leaders at all, as the brain drain of its brightest that could have protected it, cultivated it, maintained it, and improved it, have been exported and led adrift on the promise of wealth and riches remote rather than happiness and security present.

So it is with any people that its best and brightest are removed by its impatience for a better tomorrow, today. Yet a disgruntled people, trained in competition send their leaders to a colloseum and treat them as gladiators on grand stages of party and conflict, for it is an amusement that affords them some level of comfort in that their team in name wins rather than their neighbor wins. And such all matter of glory on paper, just as a market of investments in stocks and bonds is worth more, tremendously more than its democracy’s own currencies.

And what more to blame than the very aspect of this world within which we live, and the perception of limited resources, within which one destroys another for gains. No it isn’t fair that one culture had access to riches unclaimed before that of another, no it isn’t fair that one culture had access to sustinence unclaimed before that of another, no it isn’t fair that one culture had access to think and reason with minimal fear, no it isn’t fair, none of it is fair, just as an electron and proton have different charges, so to it is with the topology of time and space, on which is set forth beings crawling, walking, running, and jumping. Yet governance is that force, that effort to make it more fair, and that, right there is the problem, for what is fair brings together what is far apart, and if one is on the side of riches and glories, one does not want to lose one hair, yet the other side cries out, the poor, the hungry, the sick, and the infirm, for their only fault was being born without than being born with.

Governance is an intelligence being’s effort to do just that, govern, with fairness, without regret, to make of the world and all of it, a better place to endure the lives we had not chosen rather than to make it a better place to endure the inequalities we chose to exacerbate with rewards and punishments.

And then the role of the security makers come, for the line is always the same, “if we don’t, somebody else will,” and to that I say, innovation comes from giving people time and space in its defense, and warriors great and small fight more fiercely each other if they know them, than if they know them not, for usurped and hired armies fall by their weights and willing and well cared for armies defend weightless.

And just as in a democracy so too with enlightenment for electing leaders is the same in meditation as it is in democracy. Electing leaders to lead meditation results in the same poor results, yet electing representatives of meditation results in environments conducive to realization, the best places for meditation.

So do consider this with great care and be warned, do not elect leaders and send them remote, yet cultivate them, preserve them, and honor them such that one’s local shines bright as a beacon not on that hill remote, but that hill right here, and now. That leader is nobody else…

Congratulations. What’s next?