yang limitless, adorns yin…

“One of the precious properties of classical grounded theory (GT) is the autonomy it gives the researcher. A response to a cry for help from a novice GT researcher can take away autonomy. It can be a strong answer by a strong senior researcher that undermines the emerging theory of the novice. The novice must be careful not to yield or give away power of autonomy for a need for help, as desperate as may feel the need.” – Barney G. Glaser, PhD, Hon PhD (The Cry for Help, Preserving Autonomy Doing GT Research, pg. 1 2016)

It is a sincere belief, and directly perceived that all beings are PhD’s in the matter of studying the spirit, in that the very birth into a world, born into a world system, born being exactly flow, is worthy of the space and time to carry on their own noble searches yet limited in only one respect, that of infringing upon another search entire; living, breathing, eating, assembling, and maintaining. And this lowest common denominator of law is common law, and it, in convenience is easily forgotten and paved over by novel law, such is the strong overriding the weak.

Yet, when the unflinching, the flexibly strong, realizing, emerges, and embraces not even these very qualities, the miraculous aspectlessness of universal autonomy inseparable from universal law remains manifest, a single clock tick, a single nerve signal, a single molecule begins to turn, that tiniest fraction of movement and momentum, angular, and now relatively inert. The awakened remains. And, has gone beyond — even the smallest rest, a pause, beyond neither, gone beyond “i am”, and an entire lineage tree, changed; brilliant, and bright, exactly empty, and black is seen as a home.

Arriving exactly at homelessness, adorned by the finest gems of samsara, the entirety of it, hanging off the body — of the heavenly womb, it is perceived directly, the inseparability permeating, and all permutation, of world systems; yang, limitless|{}>, adorns yin, {-ness}.