Many of those in militaries unconscripted are there due to a lack of equality in an economy, in that the compelling escape of a life one cannot leave except by way of competing with neighbors by skill for wages and investment is to enlist. The envy toward those surviving adversity put upon them to either choose to fight their neighbors in the coliseums of markets, for the benefits of towers of a continual evolution of unseen materiality, this quest for things not yet seen, not yet smelled, not yet tasted, not yet heard, not yet touched, not yet thought. Or to not fight neighbors, but fight those remote in the neighbors defense, is the valence prime of neighborly competition. Such is the field of samsara, with its churning waves.

The Convenient Inequality, where war is where those turning down neighborly competition subconsciously unaware of the heart’s renunciation of an economy not of its making, are offered an opportunity to assuage the heart’s wish for flow without competition, so comes nation-view against nation-view, to give an avenue isolate to those that risk damaging an economy. Peak flow is found on a battlefield where life is put, at risk, and on this battlefield, this moving re-education camp, is put the hierarchies of follow me, follow me, attractions not of things, and experience, but that of each other. The well appointed by features born, the well appointed by medals and ranks worn.

Yet the meek, the small, like a desert mouse, no surprise really, remain, and nest, like the desert sage, like the mountain ascetic. Though envy, avarice, jealousy, greed, hate, fear, may come to stamp them out, through countless lives of merit, there will be return. Not controlled by self-view, nor by other-view, nor by we-view, nor by they-view, nor by brand-view, nor by [redacted]-view.

Such is tatha gatha, aware.