word as inertial reference frames of dot products

In the resolution of suffering, as right view is the forerunner, and so on through beyond right speech to right release this was written.

The etymology of ‘word’ is ‘to say, to speak’, so with ‘communication’, to make common, to share, to divide out, impart, join… and so on. Such is the speech of beings, and what is communication, and speech, if not right effort in the pursuit of resolving this very suffering, this is the case even presented by limitless Buddha’s: speech’s aim is to resolve suffering.

So while it is correct that one cannot [be] communication, and paramattha dhamma cannot be these words (pannati), these words arise out of a nexus of flows, of this very samsara, aflame, as matrices produce dot products, words are literally productions of the third heap, perception, sañña, and this is where volition and all matter of knowing is quantized and reflected in conceptual frames, just as quantization of gravity results in inertial frames, these then intimated, verbally, orally; upon meetings of certain conditions.

There is communication, there are words, yes, only relative in the brief exchange of movements of samsara, and when examined closely by direct perception, without conceptual elaboration, proliferation, this, is realized beyond conception, essenceless just as it is not mine, nor me, nor was mine/me because of something, nor mine/me in the past, nor mine in the future, and as it is not mine, it is not other, and so on to the entire assembly of we, and so on to the entire assembly of they.

Words, communication, the adornments of perceptive being capacity to simultaneously intimate verbal forms which impinge on gates of hearing, and received, to be conditions, along with feelings, perceptions, volitions, and consciousness. So this, this very post, is just as ash remaining in a pattern upon the ground, charcoal bits more remaining where the fire burned fuel incomplete… and this very burning… is not self, it is not other, and this great conflagration is not we, and it is not they, impermanent, essenceless, oneless, allless, such is samsara exactly, nibbana.

And thus word, and speech is but the seal remaining upon samsara not of/by/from me, not of/by/from other, not of/by/from me and other (<we|all>), not neither of/by/from me nor other (nothing).

Thus come, thus gone.