On the expression, “it’s the economy stupid…”

Saying “it’s the economy, [insert interchangeable indicator for an insult of denigrating attention getting effect, such is the dopamine dump of the shaky bridge scenario in psychology and has even led to fruitful marriages]” is like shouting, “it’s the horse… [reprise]” when riding in a carriage, for those enslaved by debts incurred or assumed as a matter of social acceptance of a cultural order, or burdened with a great deal of it in future maintenance whether home or health, and that of family, and neighbors, of course they will do anything and everything to preserve the horse and the market where their investments are laid bare. For as with a nation historic, only other nations entrusted new nations, when new nations are indebted to them, just as new cohorts indebted to old cohorts; such is the greater herd maintained.

Yet occasionally in the course of history of intelligent species, does intelligence look back and call it, for the yoke is burdensome, and no longer a benefit to the many, but stifles the very <he|a>irs of life apparent, for the benefit of the far few. For to yoke oneself to another living now is one thing, but to yoke oneself to generations of the descendants the few, not yet born, harkens back to the feudal, where the many owned nothing save for the promise of a carrot, and if one grows even the slightest unhealthy, here cometh the stick and mountains of debt incurred in the enslavement of these very beings to those that owned reality, in exchange for providing artificiality.