Programmatic Heddle Agility

As a child, this was experimented with continually, and through some wallpaper that volunteered by way of serendipitously arriving in the stream of experience, resolving power and strength increased. The abilities from this experimentation seems to correlate to a kind of flexibility and adaptive visual acquisition which most likely is correlated to mental abilities in the area of MDL today in seeing a buffer potential topology of <a|the> present probability tree, that is essentially walked upon as marubashi and under as nin.

This particular wallpaper had little pluses repeating in a grid, I didn’t go looking for this however, because it was in a room visited regularly. So the eyes would rest on this field of pluses, and then it became apparent that one or the other eye would “grab” hold of the field and the other would “follow”. Sort of like ballroom dance. Switching the leader would be rather simple, yet it was the delay and speed of the following which was the next understanding.

The speed was regulated by a kind of restraint. Then from there, the ability to regulate the aiming of each eye determined how many pluses apart the eyes could independently focus, which was very exhausting. I used to rotate my head, and attempt to preserve the focus, now the plus field revealed the tilt very easily, as the pluses would deflect if the angle of the eyes did not match the angle of the pluses. So now that lead on to using the angle of the eyes to experiment with the offset angle, which is round in interference.

Now there are bits between, and many years, and that shall be omitted, however it is useful as an imagery analyst. Fast forward to near present, I used to play two videos on a monitor, one left and one right, and use this ability to overlay portions of the videos to essentially watch aspects of both at once. Then resting one eye on the <video|inertial> frame on the left and one eye on the <video|inertial> frame on the right, moving their relative position, <deflection1|deflectionn>, and focus distance independently.

Now it should be mentioned, I would rather not generate a gecko rebirth, not that it seems all that bad, however would leave one adrift most likely for a very long time, as the ability to better guide the reticule through perception’s graduated lines of conception, purified of ignorance is greatly suppressed in such a life, so as to leave the boat adrift without a a rudder.

That said, when the aformentioned ability is seen for what it is, the entry and exit, the coming and going, the breaking in and breaking out, the mother and the chick can be seen not only simultaneously, yet superpositionally, and now beyond even that. This is all very applicable to the arts indeed, as the [redacted] path of the phenomena of light, timeless, is at play.

Please exercise Caution When Weaving is necessary to write here last, because moving the warp is done through <a|the> heddle, mental. Moving the shuttle only sets it; therefore it is said the heart is the shuttle and the breath is the heddle, [redacted…]