Annutara Samyok Sambodhi III

This was shared by Roy A.E. Hodges (2021) in IRC Undernet #buddhism (21:27 – 21:38).

The dominant cultures of the nations taken as “west” rely heavily on internal locus of control (Rotter, 1966), and self-identity, due to favorable regional geographies, most likely amplified this internal orientation through aspects of culture which makes for difficulty in understanding dhamma which is revealed by cultures dominated by resource inequities engendering external locus of control.

Since the last three turnings of the wheel were generated in cultures already exposed to external orientations, it will be, is, and was easy for beings in these cultures to realize from linguistics of these cultures.

In order to globalize the revelatory truths of buddha dhamma, the linguistics of a culture of realization, is therefore adapted to the cultural’s materiality, cognitions (inclusive of language), and norms.

That said, the empirical evidence of science and mathematics does reveal quite directly, upon investigation the findings of external locus of control orientations. However, comma, the role of identity in organizing and facilitating editing functions by way of a map of cognition informs material movements and flows and thereby the normalization of behaviors.

A Buddha therefore manifests the principle of Annutara Samyok Sambodhi, which is roughly an ability to join disparate aspects of a culture to readily point individuals and instruct them as to simultaneously enlighten and bring together enlightened beings in order to amplify and gather for the purpose of liberating the wasp providing pollen and propagating the fig providing instruction of the buddha’s primary cultural tree.

This simultaneous activity is nothing other than a superpositional ability in immediately shuttling sensory impressions, feelings, cognitions, mental structural motion, and pure awareness… in an effort to unbind the net of these same very things that ensnares beings from maximum potential. Where maximum potential is manifestative effect simultaneous to maximum efficiency.

Superconductive Superpositional mastery, and herein lies the fundamental flaw of samsara. It is impossible within the context of samsara to measure liberation. Therefore it is impossible for one being to liberate another through thought, word, or deed. As these are measures.

So… until you yourselves know,
that knowing… is not self,
this is accompanied by joy,
delivered by love, and
authenticated by compassion, and
finally resting in the accomplishment of its delivery.
for the benefit of all beings
the restorer of worlds.