On Education XVI

Everyone deserves the opportunity to attend college and university, for where else can people learn that it is safe and proper to allow for a free exchange of ideas without provocations and assent to violence and mandate assimilation. Everyone deserves this experience without conflict of interest, that is serving private interests while working amongst a public interest. This allows for a people to collectively assemble without conflicts of interest, allows them to petition for remedies of grievances without fear of reprisal, and prevents a private at-large from cutting off of resources in the event an unpopular truth has been discovered.

Not only do I believe that everyone is worthy of this experience, but also that they should also be able to attend freely, inclusive of accommodation and living expenses, and that it be a duty of private affairs of business and governance which benefits exclusively from such efforts in discovery, innovation, intellection, and abilities far too numerous to list. If the world needs laborers unskilled, unprofessional, and unlearned, then I challenge them to find a way to more equally allow lateral movements between higher education and unskilled labors, to minimize the enslavement to debts collected from such devaluation of labor due to the fact of an abundance of laborers of which they have little control over, unlike the faucets of yearly provisioning of degrees provided in “professional” labors.