I’m moving the array.


Sometimes the pointing is the burning.


[22:32:47] <[redacted]> a reality which only reveals itself by the exhibition of identities which also serve to veil it.

[22:47:05] <manji> stars burn fuel, fuel makes patterns

[22:47:18] <manji> oxygen fuel mixture patterns

[22:47:30] <manji> the burn of the noble search

[22:47:39] <manji> is this self? is this self? is this self?

[22:47:50] <manji> “this content is no longer available.”

[22:48:16] <manji> “is anyone in there? i’m moving the array.” (Zemeckis, R, 1997)


[16:59:29] <gem3> [web] <u​nicron> And this is a choice after enlightenment, to keep chopping wood and carrying water, and why the bodhisattva vow prohibiting suicide is often the most annoying.

[17:00:08] <manji> for the benefit of limitless beings

[17:00:21] gem3 [web] <u​nicron> nods

[17:02:50] <manji> and from the remainderlessness of the prime factoring of absorption…

[17:03:26] <manji> ignorance comes to extinction in the absence of reinforcement contingencies

[17:03:58] <manji> like a palm tree topped, no longer able to produce its nutriment, withers and dies.

[17:06:15] <manji> there are limitless buddhafields superpositioned with the realities progressing in dependent origination

[17:07:06] <manji> hence ‘manji

[17:07:32] <manji> quantized samsara

[17:08:31] <gem3> [web] <u​nicron> Many species depend on browsing by herbivores, and topping pepper plants to the right extent, at the right time, increases their yields and resilience, like Gutei’s finger harvest

[17:09:46] <manji> … for the benefit of limitless beings… [refrain]


[17:10:48] gem3 [web] <u​nicron> calls back to RatBytes‘ mention of musical fugues

[17:11:16]  [REDACTED]

[17:12:18] <manji> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wYD21d6bFWM

[17:12:21] <manji> the devas play

[17:14:12] <manji> homage to the gurus, limitless buddhas, limitless bodhisattvas, of limitless worlds… for here the bodhisattva vows, compressed, are given.

[17:15:09] <manji> Always venerate buddha, dhamma, sangha, making pure offerings untainted by unwholesome thoughts, words, deeds, and livelihoods…

[17:15:26] <manji> Never forsake buddha, dhamma, sangha, even at the cost of one’s life…

[17:16:08] <manji> Limitlessly remember the qualities of buddha, dhamma, sangha by taking refuge in the accompaniment again… and again….

[17:16:15] <manji> these are the general precepts

[17:16:55] <manji> now having taken refuge in buddha, that which is awakene, do not believe in blind faith.

[17:17:28] <manji> now having taken refuge in dhamma, that which is this very phenomena, right here, right now, do not engage in anything harmful to limitless being

[17:18:39] <manji> now having taken refuge in sangha, that which is not we, these very qualities of renunciative quality, these four brahma viharas, do not be mislead by atta-view in assigning -er, to these qualities and thereby mislead by undenuire protestation of results by way of self-view… 

[17:18:50] <manji> these are special precepts

[17:19:32] <manji> respect to conditioning memes of tatha-gatha, thus come, thus gone, this very name is mantra, by remembrance of the qualities of buddha

[17:20:20] <manji> respect to texts and books of dhamma, pointing toward liberation, remembrance of qualities of that which supports this very phenomena, remembering the qualities of dhamma 

[17:21:42] <manji> respect to densifications of remainderless progress in the beings liberating, remaining in the pure streams of the noble qualities of sangha…

[17:21:49] <manji> these are the supportive precepts

[17:22:47] <manji> <<I|self-view>|<We|we-view>> take refuge in Buddha, the <Tathagatha|thus come, thus gone> supreme among beings.

[17:23:54] <manji> <<I|self-view>|<We|we-view>> take refuge in the most supreme Dhamma, this very phenomena, beyond here, beyond now, that frees from obscuration, remaining beyond… pointed to as the attainment of Nirvana.

[17:25:02] <manji> <<I|self-view>|<We|we-view>> take refuge in the most Supreme Assembly, of these very qualities of liberation, the noble bodhi-sattvas who have attained the state from which <self-view|we-view> does not fall back, and rebirths beings amongst samsara.

[17:25:30] <manji> this is the special refuge prayer. between these is the refuge vow of a bodhisattva

[17:26:32] <manji> and in these the noble warrior, upright, ardent, clear of mind, and of obscuration realizes that this very relative view of self, of we, is exactly empty, is, exactly the tantra…

[17:26:37] <manji> the supreme tantra.

[17:27:06] <manji> and the reason talk of vehicles is unsuitable for discussion. 🙂

[17:28:36] <manji> limitless merit, for the benefit of limitless beings.


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