What is the reason for the blood/excrement stained robe that Gotama Buddha had adorned as bodhisattva? What is the function of this robe in relation with the world of beings? Just so, what could bring about this function in today’s world?

Appearances are the forests within which ascetics are left alone.

Protect the noble’s search; “noble” being an abbreviation like “form” in the first heap, where “noble” is first due to the prime searcher being of nobility, i.e., prince.

What is the function of nobility?

Compound Function: Blind faith in wholesome vipaka.

Faith in appearances.

Thomas Theorem.

Limitless buddhas know these functions.

The inseparability of <nobility|bodhi> is annutara samyok sambodhi.

Do not, in imitation, forget noble intention, for the noble search is supreme.

For the benefit of limitless beings.